Your yacht charter in Mallorca with Dolphin Boats

Mallorca embodies the versatility that characterises a vacation in the Balearic Islands like hardly any other island. While real life pulsates in some places, other places on the island are relaxed and relaxed. The best thing about it is that with your yacht charter in Mallorca you decide for yourself whether you want to experience the turbulent or the relaxed side of the island. Thanks to your private luxury yacht, you have your vacation experience in your own hands.

Your yacht charter in Mallorca with Dolphin Boats: Exactly how you like it

We will tailor your Mallorca yacht charter to your personal needs. This means that you can have your own say about which destinations your luxury yacht will head for and how long it will be there to take advantage of any offers on land. Whether it’s just a relaxing walk on the beach, an extensive shopping spree or an evening with friends in the restaurant, there are countless ways to make your time in this paradise as pleasant as possible.

Extra luxury on your yacht charter in Mallorca: private concierge service

With our exclusive private concierge service, your yacht charter in Mallorca will be even more pleasant. Because your personal concierge takes care of everything that would otherwise steal your precious time. Be it the organisation of a limousine for the way from the airport to your luxury yacht or an extensive dinner in the restaurant to start your luxury holiday on the first day of your holiday. Our private concierge service is the key to luxurious holiday happiness.

For a fridge with delights to your taste

By the way: Your personal concierge is also happy to take on the initial purchase of drinks and food. When you get on board, the fridge is already filled with your favourite wine, chocolate and other delights that you don’t want to miss. It could hardly be better to start in your luxurious yacht charter in Mallorca.

The young trendy district: discover Santa Catalina on your yacht charter in Mallorca

In fact, Santa Catalina was previously a rather unknown “fishing district” on the island, which tourists hardly ever entered. In the meantime, Santa Catalina has developed into a real trendy district. In a small space, just outside the old city walls, there are more than 80 bars where you can experience the heart and soul of Mallorca up close. The district is a treasure trove for discovering unique souvenirs and handicrafts that are unlikely to be found anywhere else on the island. Extra tip: On the Placa de Navegacio there is a small market hall called Marcat Santa Catalina. You should not miss a tour here.

Off to Sant Elm: Pure relaxation on the turquoise blue water

An insider tip to relax and enjoy the flair of the island in peace and quiet is Sant Elm. The small town on the west coast of Mallorca embodies everything that stands for southern deceleration. The hilly streets are lined with white, maritime houses, in front of which dense flower beds add a splash of color. The town’s shopping mile is not a “tourist fairground”, but a leisurely place where you can enjoy your ice cream parlour or a few tapas.

For hikers: a detour to the island of Sa Dragonera

The view of the turquoise blue water at Sant Elm is particularly unique because several small islands on the coast attract attention. If you would like to continue your Mallorca yacht charter from here, we recommend that you take the short sea route over to Sa Dragonera. The island is particularly popular with hikers.

A unique look into the distance: Puig de Randa

It is worth going a little further into the interior of the island as part of your yacht charter in Mallorca. There is the so-called Puig de Randa, a mountain that is also called Table Mountain. You can reach it from Algaida via a narrow country road that is about five kilometres long. The surrounding area is surprisingly green and offers a wonderful view of Palma. On the summit, at 548 meters, is the Santuari de Cura monastery, where Franciscan monks have lived since the beginning of the 20th century. In the inner courtyard of the monastery there is a tranquil garden, including its own souvenir shop and café. The view you have from the walls of the monastery over the island is priceless.

Your yacht charter Mallorca: A culinary experience too

If you want to get to know the Balearic Island from its culinary side, there are several options. Your crew’s cook will be happy to prepare a typical Mallorcan menu for you. You can also immerse yourself in Mallorca’s fragrant cuisine in one of the numerous restaurants on the island. For example, a stew called Caldereta is very typical. It is based on a “sofrito”, ie a sauce made from onions, peppers and braised tomatoes. In addition, Caldereta contains various seafood, such as scallops and crawfish pieces.

Mallorca smell and taste: Wine and paella in the Mallorcan way

It is now not uncommon for wine to be grown on Mallorca. However, most of the vines grow in the lowlands and not on terraced slopes. Nevertheless, they do exist – for example at the finca called “Stairways”, which belongs to the German professor Karl Popp. Here it is possible to get to grips with the island’s viticulture as part of a “wine tour”. During a guided tour, you will learn what is important when growing wine and you will race from vineyard to vineyard in a jeep.

Spain, and Mallorca too, would be nothing without its spicy cuisine, which includes a good paella without question. In various hotels and restaurants on the island, you can take part in a cooking course, where you learn from scratch what is important when preparing a paella. What every novice learns straight away: The special rice from Valencia, called “Bomba”, is the only true paella rice. Because only he takes in the taste of the fund that you add in full. This is how the paella gets its intense and aromatic note.