Your yacht charter on the Mediterranean with Dolphin Boats

Just leave everyday life behind and go to a Mediterranean paradise where a feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed – with a yacht charter in the Mediterranean this is not a problem. Whether together with your family, as part of your honeymoon, or to celebrate a bachelor party in an extravagant way. One thing is certain: with your private yacht you will enjoy a vacation that you will not soon forget.

Your yacht charter in the Mediterranean: Adieu, holiday stress!

As a father of a family, you will know this scenario all too well: the summer holidays have begun, the car will be packed together and the big holiday journey can begin. However, disillusionment quickly sets in: traffic jams on the motorway. To make matters worse, it’s scorching hot. Not only will your children get annoyed, but you too. The solution: Simply book a yacht charter in the Mediterranean with Dolphin Boats. Dream of everyday life with your family. Don’t bother with things like viscous car traffic and crowded rest areas, but immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Your yacht charter in the Mediterranean: Explore the coasts together in a sporty way

As soon as you cast off with your luxury yacht, you have numerous options to get the most out of your vacation. Are you a family that loves sports? We are happy to take care of the right equipment so that you can go on a kayak tour or a bike tour together. The island of Formentera is particularly suitable for this. It is a comparatively flat island, so it is hardly necessary to overcome strenuous climbs by bike. This is particularly advantageous if grandma and grandpa are also on the bike tour. Our tip: It is best to rent e-bikes for this occasion, so that the older generation can rely on electronic drive to simply ignore the pedalling in between. 

Your yacht charter in the Mediterranean: Combine your yacht charter in the Mediterranean with a dive

What should not be missing from your yacht charter in the Mediterranean, of course, are snorkelling and diving in the coastal area. We are happy to take care that you can go on a dive with an experienced instructor. And that is very straightforward, because the starting point is of course your own sailing yacht. It is a unique experience for your children when you can take a close look at real starfish, sea urchins and other sea creatures in the cool water. You can simply join in or use the time for yourself. Make yourself comfortable on the deck of your luxury yacht, enjoy a glass of white wine and soak up the refreshing surroundings of your Mediterranean travel destination

Your yacht charter in the Mediterranean: Take a relaxed walk between the vines and pine trees

Not to be forgotten are of course the magical places that you can explore in the Mediterranean as part of your yacht charter. For example, there are the two villages Sant Ferran and Sant Francesc on Formentera. They are particularly known for the fact that many winegrowers have settled here. Enjoy a wonderful walk between pine trees, vines and sage trees. In the summer months, the Sant Francesc art market is also a major draw. Here you will find, among other things, fine handicrafts, jewellery and traditional clothing.