Your Yacht Charter in Mallorca with Dolphinboats

A yacht charter in Mallorca can be very different. It can be entirely focused on relaxation. But maybe you are a sporty type and want to take advantage of as many sports opportunities as possible during your luxury cruise? Whether leisurely or active: with Dolphinboats, you can book the exact yacht charter in Mallorca that matches your idea of a luxury tour.

Shopping in Palma: A good start for your yacht charter in Mallorca

But where to start? Mallorca is so diverse that it is difficult to choose a first point to steer to with your yacht. However, it is never wrong to start right where life pulsates, namely in the capital Palma. Its nickname “Pearl of the Mediterranean” is absolutely deserved. If you are in the mood for an extensive shopping trip and want to dine in company, Palma offers numerous opportunities.

But the old town is also worth seeing. It is best explored on foot. Amid all the winding alleys and courtyards, true masterpieces of architecture await, which are worth more than just a glance. Here, away from the city center, one quickly forgets that the capital actually has more than 400,000 inhabitants.

A picturesque highlight in the heights: The village of Valldemossa

Do you want to give your partner an unforgettable and romantic experience during your yacht charter in Mallorca? Then a visit to the picturesque mountain village of Valldemossa is almost a must. Here, George Sand’s classic “A Winter in Mallorca” was created, in which the French writer pays literary homage to Mallorca’s lush and enchanting nature.

A gem of the 2000-soul village is its historic monastery complex. Today, it houses a museum, an ancient pharmacy, and a printing press from 1584. Especially in the evening hours, Valldemossa exudes its incomparable charm. That’s when the picturesque alleys reveal their romantic potential in a cozy light, and you can enjoy a few magical hours together in a restaurant.

Combine your yacht charter in Mallorca with sightseeing: The Red Lightning

On board your luxury yacht, you not only have the best but also an exclusive view of the island. Whether in deserted bays or high-traffic ports, you can dock exactly where you would like to next explore the island’s diversity. A relaxing change of pace is offered by the so-called “Red Lightning.” The historic tram owes its name to its striking red appearance. It stops in Palma, Bunyola, and Sóller, among other places. Tip: At the “Mirador del Pujol d’en Banya” viewpoint, be sure to take the time to enjoy the view over the Sóller Valley. A truly divine sight is the view of the Serra de Tramuntana.

By the way: The Red Lightning was not originally a tourist attraction. It was created because the residents of Sóller more than 100 years ago finally wanted a way to get to Palma without difficulty. Sóller is surrounded by a mountain range. And who wanted to set off heavily loaded on foot to the Palma market in the early 20th century? Thus, a rather functional means of transport became a tourist attraction that sweetens everyone’s stay on the island today.