Which is the perfect yacht for my charter vacation?

24 April 2020 | 

Yacht Charter VacationYacht Charter Vacation after the Corona Pandemic – Complete Privacy

Finally, the time has come, we are allowed to travel again. But how? The safest way to travel is certainly by boat. A yacht charter offers the privilege for you and your family. During the holiday season, you will rarely find a place in the crowded hotels where you and your loved ones are alone and can enjoy your privacy. The beautiful beaches are also crowded.We simply anchor where you cannot get as a hotel vacationer. Because the sea is not overcrowded and when you are sailing on your own yacht, you have the privacy to do whatever you want. You can sleep on deck, gaze at the starry sky, or have a picnic in a secluded bay. However, if you feel like enjoying the company of others, you can anchor at a breathtaking harbour and experience the local restaurants and nightlife before returning to your comfortable home on the water. A yacht charter is a completely relaxed experience and you will feel glamorous, comfortable and completely carefree every day.

Which Yacht should I choose for the Charter Vacation?

Dolphin Boats is charter broker for worldwide bareboat yacht charter and yacht charter with a personal skipper and / or crew. We offer a wide selection of yachts in more than 35 of the most beautiful charter destinations in the world. Our portfolio includes motor yachts, sailing boats, catamarans and luxury yachts. Our customers can choose from more than 5,000 charter yachts of different manufacturers, in different sizes and with different equipment. Regardless of whether you are looking for a motor yacht, a sailing boat or a catamaran in Mallorca, Greece, Croatia, Spain, the Canary Islands or in more exotic areas such as the Seychelles, the Caribbean or Thailand – our mission is for you and your guests always find the best yacht for your yacht vacation in your preferred charter destination.The date for your next vacation is set. The perfect location has been found. We tell you what to look out for to make your upcoming vacation unforgettable.

Catamaran Charter

Yacht charter vacations with a catamaran are becoming more and more popular from season to season. Catamarans offer twice as much space and stability as a classic sailboat, and they are also environmentally friendly. If you choose a catamaran, you can be sure that you will have plenty of space, stability and privacy on board. They also offer a much quieter ride, as waves are prevented, since they use two narrow hulls instead of a wide hull, which is why they are much more stable.One advantage that is obvious at first glance, is the abundance of deck space for sitting, walking around, sunbathing, playing, relaxing and is therefore certainly the ideal choice for families with children or for larger groups. This expanse continues inside, the large communal areas with panoramic views are simply brilliant, the cabins offer a lot of privacy, because they are under the hulls. Thanks to the shallow draft, you can visit bays and secluded beaches with a catamaran, which you cannot reach with a sailboat. Since the catamaran does not tilt more than 5 degrees, it is very stable in the water and is therefore the right choice for less experienced sailors or those who simply feel a little unsure. Another advantage is the easy handling of the engine and the speed under sail on longer routes.

In our homepage you will surely find a suitable catamaran for your yacht charter vacation. All catamarans are from renowned manufacturers, let yourself be inspired:

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing boats are still among the most popular charter yachts. If you want a great, exciting sailing vacation, the monohulls are ideal. They are suitable for family vacations as well as for groups of friends or even for racing sailing, because it is also possible to rent several sailing yachts at the same time, perhaps even for a team building.
Sailing boats use less fuel, are economical and environmentally friendly. The sailing boats from our range offer a relaxing stay at sea with comfortable cabins, well-equipped kitchens and spacious salons. A yacht charter with a sailboat is more leisurely than with motorboats and offers satisfaction and an exciting experience at the same time. If you are sailing with the wind rather than the motor, steering requires skill and experience, so sailboats are the perfect choice for experienced sailors.Sailing yachts are also perfect for groups of friends or for families who want to enjoy a relaxing charter vacation. The biggest advantage of chartering a sailing yacht is, that there are no gasoline costs. Also, a sailing boat does not swing in the wind as much as a motor yacht and, above all, the calm should not be forgotten. A sailing yacht charter is definitely one of the few types of holiday that are suitable for a multi-generation holiday. Take grandma and grandpa with you, then you have support and can enjoy your vacation on the water even more stress-free.

Motor Yacht Charter

A yacht charter with a motor yacht is ideal for sailing vacationers who love speed and want to reach their destination quickly. A motor yacht is synonymous with strength and threadiness and is more stable than classic sailing boats. In addition to the fast and practical navigation, motor yachts also offer a high level of comfort and convenience, spacious sundecks and cockpits, modernly equipped and air-conditioned salons and cabins for everyday pleasure at sea. Experience entertaining and exciting moments while your motor yacht, thanks to its speed, reaches the countless islands and bays quickly and with a lot of fun.Flybridge motor yachts are suitable for sailors who care about the interior and comfort while whizzing from one place to the next. Open motor yachts are more for speed lovers who love the sun and want to indulge in the sun bath on deck or the spacious cockpit.
Motor yachts up to 48 feet can usually be chartered without skipper and crew, while larger boats can only be rented with a professional skipper or crew. Regardless of whether, with or without a crew, renting a motor yacht will offer a unique adventure at sea.

Gulet Charter

Gulets are perfect charter yachts that guarantee high comfort. And you don’t need any sailing experience to charter a gulet, because the whole crew is always waiting for you on board. These elegant wooden yachts offer an interesting combination of comfort and sailing charm. A gulet is a wooden, thick-bellied, mostly two-masted motor glider and can be found traditionally at the Turkish coast.Gulets are ideal for groups of 10 – 15 people and are therefore the ideal ship for a yacht charter for parties, weddings, families or longer sailing trips. Gulets are even during these days still a favourite among sailors. The Turkish Riviera with its pine forests and crystal-clear waters and especially Croatia are perfect destinations for an idyllic sailing holiday, where sailing with gulets is the most popular.

Yacht charter with Skipper

If you are unsure whether you want to or can control the charter yacht yourself, then the charter variant without crew, but with a professional captain or skipper is ideal for you. Then you have the option of using a professional skipper until you have familiarised yourself with the yacht and have the confidence to sail it yourself. Let him take responsibility while you enjoy your vacation. Thanks to his knowledge and experience of the sailing area, the skipper will show you the greatest, most secret beaches, the best beach bars, the nightlife and other highlights. He simply takes care of everything – especially that your vacation is completely relaxed and just perfect.Large motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans normally are only rented with a skipper or sometimes even with a full crew. The skipper always has his own separate cabin and, like a good spirit, can only be seen when you need him. But he will always be happy when someone joins him, e.g. to take over the helm.

We hope that we have given you a little anticipation and that we son are able to travel again. If you have found the right boat for you, we look forward to offering you the perfect vacation. Simply click on the blue field ‘REQUEST’ and just enter your charter request in the request form that opens. We will then get in touch with you immediately to make an offer or to plan your charter vacation with you.

Until then, stay patient, full of anticipation and above all healthy!

Your Dolphin Boats Team

24 April 2020 |