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19 June 2022 | 

The end of spring, summer , and the first half of autumn is the ideal time to visit Mallorca. The ideal vacation, in our opinion, is a vacation on a yacht. Motor, sailing, catamaran, it’s up to your choice according to preferences and budget that will satisfy you. The air temperature varies from 25°С to 40°С during the day and from 20°С to 30°С at night, the sea temperature is about 24-28°С. On the hottest days, the sea can be a lifesaver; on the water, the heat does not feel as harsh as on land.

Mallorca is the perfect place to complete your sailing trip. Despite its miniature size, Mallorca is famous for its abundance of beautiful locations, both inland and on the coastline.

Today we will give an example of a week-long yacht tour around the island.


Our journey begins, for example, in the port of Palma de Mallorca.

For centuries, the magical Palma de Mallorca has been a meeting place and mingling of numerous cultures – Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Catalans, and Castilians. Above the port bay of the city, filled with masts of yachts from all over the world, the Gothic cathedral, the construction of which began in 1229 on the site of the former Arab mosque, and the Royal palace of Almudania, founded by the Moors, and on the other side of the bay, the medieval castle of Bellver, a very rare round fortress for Europe, a form built by order of King Jaime II of Mallorca at the beginning of the 14th century.


Early in the morning we raise sails and leave the bay of Palma with its cathedral astern in order to reach Port Soller without haste and have  enough time to stop in picturesque places for swimming and enjoying the scenery.

Today, our route is along the posh south-west coast of Mallorca and the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range which is declared as UNESCO heritage, so we will have plenty of wonderful places to stop – along the way we will meet uninhabited tiny islands, secluded coves, and picturesque headlands.

The port of Soller is still one of the main fishing centers of Mallorca. Its picturesque bay is filled with fishing boats, and the long promenade and narrow streets are filled with wonderful fish restaurants.

It is believed that the name of the city comes from the Arabic Sulyar (Golden Valley). The city was named so because of the numerous orange groves that still surround it.


Today we are going to pass around Cape Formentor with landscapes that are simply stunning in their beauty. The first point on our way will be a stop at Cala Tuent. This is a small cozy bay among the rocks, with an olive grove overlooking the beach.

Nearby is a beautiful gorge with small access to the sea in the form of a rocky arch, Sa Calobra. Surrounded by massive cliffs, this place has an extremely picturesque bay, stone beach, and crystal clear sea.

And finally, we will go around the wildest peninsula of the northeastern tip of Mallorca – Cape Formentor, and we will have stunning views of the rocks that rise sheer above the sea to a height of up to 400 meters.

Having anchored the yacht in the area of Port Pollensa, in the evening you can visit the neighboring town of Alcudia. Among all the towns in Mallorca, Alcudia has best preserved its medieval charm: surrounded by preserved walls, a labyrinth of narrow streets with squat houses, and ancient churches.

The nearby ruins of an ancient city and a Roman amphitheater give an even more vivid historical entourage to the place.


Today we will make the transition to the town of Cala Ratjada. On the way, one of the most attractive bays of Mallorca awaits us – Cala Molto and Cala Agulla.

From Cala Ratjada, we can walk in the evening to the cape of Capdepera, the easternmost point of Majorca with a lighthouse located on it, or visit the nearby fortress of the same name. 


Porto Cristo is a cozy town with several interesting caves. One – Covas del Drach (Dragon Caves) is equipped with walkways, lighting, and ticket offices, and one is wild, known to a much smaller number of people, but no less interesting and picturesque, which can only be reached by driving through an underwater grotto from the sea.

These caves, decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, and numerous underground lakes, have been known since the Middle Ages.

According to legend, the Dragon Caves became the last refuge of the wealth of the Knights Templar, and later the Mediterranean pirates also used this place as a base.

After visiting the Dragon Caves, we will make a leisurely transition along the beautiful bays of Cala Varques, Caló Blanc , and Cala Marganer.

Not far away is another lovely town, Portocolom, which is still a traditional fishing village and is stubbornly resisting the tourist boom. There is a convenient and large natural harbor with many fishing boats.

A pretty embankment is somewhat reminiscent of an Italian or Greek town, snow-white houses stretch to the very edge of the water, and local fishermen sit right on the pier, and if we’re lucky, we’ll buy some of today’s fresh catch from them.


On this day, you leave Mallorca to visit Cabrera, a protected archipelago of very beautiful small islands off the southeast coast of Mallorca. Cabrera has the status of a marine national park with untouched flora and fauna.

On the way to Cabrera, you can visit the Es Pontàs rocky arch and the wonderful bays of Cala Mondragó and Caló des Moro, where we will stop for swimming and breakfast.

It is strictly forbidden to drop anchor on Cabrera Reservation, and the number of moorings is limited, therefore, in order to stay here overnight, it is required to book a place for a yacht in the reservation service in advance.

In the Middle Ages, Cabrera was used as a base by Mediterranean corsairs. The pirate fortress still towers over the island, and from its walls, a beautiful view of the island and its picturesque bays opens up.

There is only one sandy beach on Cabrera, but the lack of beaches is compensated by the beautiful, untouched nature and the incredible beauty of the numerous bays. There are great places for snorkeling. There are many caves and grottoes and a wide variety of marine animals – numerous fish, octopuses, dolphins, and sea turtles.


Today we leave the Cabrera archipelago and return back to Mallorca. On the way to Palma, we will visit the Cala Pi and Cala Blava lagoons and enjoy the magnificent views of the south coast of Mallorca.

During a yacht tour, you may well go ashore for a variety of excursions, wine and food degustation tours, and cultural events.

Mallorca is pleased with the presence of excellent restaurants, wineries, and historical sights. If desired, you can combine landfalls during your yacht vacation. Or after the end of the tour, take a hotel for a few days and enjoy Mallorca 100%.

We’ll love to help you with planning and reservation for your much-deserved vacation!

19 June 2022 | 

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