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Azure Blue Sea, a Rich Culture and Abundance of Sun and Good Food

Yacht Charter In Turkey

Azure Blue Sea, a Rich Culture and Abundance of Sun and Good Food

Turkey has been a very popular holiday destination for many years. The large peninsula is bordered by eight countries and is bathed by four seas: the Mediterranean to the south, the Aegean to the west, the Sea of Marmara between the European and Asian  land masses, and the Black Sea to the north. The country connects Asia to Europe and is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world, including the Assyrian, Greek and Phrygian civilisations. With more than 500 islands and 7.000 kilometres of coastline, it does not surprise that Turkey is a great yachting paradise. Rediscover this diverse country, spend the best time of the year on a luxurious yacht and enjoy a yacht charter in Turkey, experiencing a mixture of history and culture, paired with wonderful beaches and turquoise sea.

A yacht charter in Turkey represents sailing in a fantastic sunny climate along the most beautiful coastal areas and of course delicious Turkish gastronomy. In almost every bay you will find a restaurant with the best Turkish specialties. The light blue, crystal clear water is ideal for a refreshing swim after a long sailing trip or for diving or snorkelling. The many picturesque places at the Turkish coast are definitely worth a visit. The snow white beaches are a nice diversion from the days on the water.

A yacht charter in Turkey represents holidays, just the way you like it. Turkey has a very long coastline to be discovered by motor yacht, sailboat, catamaran or by a traditional gulet. The most popular hot spots for yachties are Bodrum, Marmaris, Goçek and Fethiye. Bodrum is considered the St. Tropez of Turkey, a luxury wold with a  long boulevards, decorated with a large selection of boutiques, shops and restaurants.

Göcek is a famous coastal village with a large, natural marina. The historic town is hidden between the blue Mediterranean Sea with its many islands and the Taurus Mountains.
Göcek is the perfect place to start a yacht charter. The coastal town can be reached in half an hour from the Dalaman International Airport. So within one hour after arrival you already can be a bord of your chartered motor yacht, sailboat, catamaran or traditional gulet and enjoy your vacation.

Fethiye combines the breathtaking nature of the Turkish coast with the country’s unique heritage. Because of its good location and the high amount of marinas, Fethiye is a very suitable place to start a yacht charter. The center of the picturesque city is located just 50 kilometers from Dalaman Airport. Embedded in a natural bay and within easy reach of the Greek islands such as Rhodes, Fethiye is a good starting point for a sailing holiday in Turkey.

Marmaris is the largest of the three seaside resorts. From a small fishing village, this coastal town has developed into one of the largest tourist attractions in Turkey. The coastal town is a classic beach & sun destination and is characterised by a boulevard, many restaurants and a bazaar, which was built around the marina in the city center.
H2: Yacht charter in Turkey means: Discover the country and its people
The natural warm hearted people in Turkey is probably what leaves the greatest impression of this country full of culture, warmth and sun. It is a really enriching experience to visit the small towns and villages during your yacht charter and to enjoy the cordiality, hospitality and kindness of the local people. The Turkish cuisine is healthy and fresh, delicious, excellent, and the restaurant scene is exceptional. From modern to traditional Turkish cuisine, there is something for every taste. The best is to  have lunch or dinner ashore, a real highlight during your yacht charter in Turkey.

Discover Turkey (F.A.Q)

When is the best time to travel?
Not only the Turkish Aegean, but also the Turkish Riviera is characterized by the typical Mediterranean climate. Due to the climatic conditions, a yacht charter in Turkey is possible from April.

When sailing around Turkey you can usually count on reliable and constant weather. The Turkish Aegean offers ideal weather conditions for a long sailing and cruising season, because the Mediterranean climate ensures pleasant temperatures already in spring. The sailing season begins in April and continues until the end of October or November. Summers are long, sometimes very hot and there is little rainfall. Most of the time it is sunny at temperatures between 27 and 33 degrees. The weather is ideal for a yacht charter with a motor yacht, a sailboat, a catamaran or a traditional gulet, because the best way to enjoy the summer is on the water. The good weather lasts well into autumn and even in November it is still possible to swim, because the water temperature is still around 20 degrees. Nevertheless you should not save on warm clothes if your head north worth during early summer or late autumn. The winter months are pleasantly mild with average temperatures of 12 to 17 degrees.

Wind conditions: The prevailing summer winds (meltems) along the Turkish coast from mid-June to mid-September blow almost exclusively from northerly directions. Near to the mainland, high mountains, islands and deep cuts create different local wind conditions. In spring and autumn you have to be reckoned with dangerous Southeast Wind (Lodos).
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