Travel despite Covid 19 – Croatia opens its borders

15 May 2020 | 
Boat inside the habour

boat rental during the covid 19 pandemic

Will we be able to go on summer holidays with the COVID 19 pandemie this year? If so, where? During the Corona Pandemic, we all longingly wonder where we can spend our Yacht Charter vacation this summer. The first positive news about easing border controls now gives us hope that we finally can get back on the water. Some countries are preparing, others still have to overcome high hurdles. Croatia opens the borders and wants to receive vacationers as soon as possible.

Croatia, the country on the Adriatic Sea with its long, bay-rich coast and the many islands, highly dependent on tourism, is vigorously pushing for an opening of the European borders. Loosened entry requirements have been in force since May 9th. Accordingly, foreigners with three reasons can cross the border without a corona test and without quarantine requirements: if they own a property or a boat in Croatia, if they travel to a funeral or if they have the invitation of a company and if there is an economic interest on their entry in the country.

An informal directive from the Ministry of the Interior states that the last provision also applies to vacationers who have booked accommodation in Croatia. Minister Buzinovic has stated that foreign tourists would be permitted to enter Croatia if they had a reservation for a hotel or accommodation but qualified this by saying that they should email his ministry with details of the reservation so that their entry to Croatia can be approved before they enter the country. Minister Buzinovic seems to take the view that the borders are open to foreign tourists on the basis that a tourist with a hotel or accommodation reservation has an economic interest and can therefore enter under the permission granted to people travelling on business

Although there is still no official decision to open the borders, we have heard from various sources that Croatia has practically decided to informally relax the border crossing measures so as not to upset the European Union, which is striving to establish the border crossing process at EU level. There is a delay because larger countries – those that are not dependent on tourism – are putting pressure on them to keep their citizens within borders this summer.


Incidence of COVID-19 in Croatia

Croatia currently has a low incidence of COVID-19. The country recorded a total of 2,107 cases, of which 1,764 have already recovered. 90 people died as a result of Covid 19 disease (as of May 11, 2020). The impact has been less tan in the principal European holiday destinations and the coastal regions, which are popular with tourists, had hardly any infections. For weeks, no new cases have been reported from Istria.

A brochure will be handed out to each guest. This contains the description of all epidemiological measures that must be followed. You can find detailed information on the website of the Croatian Institute for Public Health and on


Complete Privacy and security during you Yacht Charter Vacation


A yacht charter offers absolute security and the ultimate in privacy for you and your family. During the holiday season, you will rarely find a place in the crowded hotels where you and your loved ones are alone and can enjoy your privacy. The beautiful beaches are also crowded.

We simply anchor where you cannot get as a hotel vacationer. Because the sea is not overcrowded and when you are sailing on your own yacht, you have the privacy to do whatever you want. You can sleep on deck, gaze at the starry sky, or have a picnic in a secluded bay. However, if you feel like enjoying the company of others, you can anchor at a breathtaking harbor and experience the local restaurants and nightlife before returning to your comfortable home on the water. A yacht charter is a completely relaxed experience and you will feel glamorous, comfortable and completely carefree every day.


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Flight connections

In case that entry into Croatia is permitted, foreigners are since May 11th no longer subject to the mandatory 14-day domestic quarantine. Croatia Airlines now offers very limited international flights between Zagreb and Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and London. The international bus, train and ferry traffic is set for passenger traffic. The airlines Zagreb-Split and Zagreb-Dubrovnik as well as overland bus lines will be reintroduced from 11.05.2020

Please note: The travel and safety information is intended to enable all travelers to decide for themselves whether to start a trip. For this purpose, the situation is continuously monitored and updates are made.

15 May 2020 |