Tourismus on Mallorca in 2021

9 April 2021 | 

We have been fed information about the pandemic and its consequences for so long now that we have almost forgotten that there are so many positive things out there in the world that we can still look forward to. That is why in this blog we are going to take you on a virtual journey that could become a reality in the very near future.

However, there is no need to worry about the pandemic because we will make sure that the restrictions set by the island’s government will be followed to the letter. All to ensure that our clients have the safest and most enjoyable boating experience possible!  

Whether you go out on a yacht, a motorboat or a catamaran, you should definitely make sure you do a boat tour during your holiday in Majorca. A trip with a catamaran is a spectacular experience where you let the wind take you to explore the island from the seaside. 

So why should you choose sailing holidays? You have a complete freedom to explore hidden bays and secret beaches. The possibilities on open water are endless and every day could be a new adventure. You also have the flexibility to stay wherever you like, to see places that are not accessible from the land and to enjoy the unique view each day. On a charter yacht you will be able to relax completely being surrounded by water, sun and silence thus offering the ultimate privacy. Would you however be in the mood for social life you can always anchor at a beautiful beach or harbour and visit local restaurants before returning to your haven on water.

We love Majorca and we want you to feel the same, therefore we will give you some tips on where you can explore the most beautiful costal parts of Majorca. 

If you want to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Majorca and the diverse underwater flora and fauna you should go snorkeling. Calo des Moro near Cala Llombards (east), Cala Santanyi (south), Dragonera island (west), Cala D’Or (east), Sa Calobra (north west) and Cala Sant Vicens (north) are some of the best spots on the island that are worth investigating in search of sub-marine beauty but also great places to enjoy the beautiful beaches and nice seafood restaurants. 

It is difficult to give an exact update of the Covid situation in Mallorca as it changes as the numbers change, but at present, foreigners can come here, while residents of Mallorca are not allowed to travel outside the Balearic Islands. Foreigners must have a fresh PCR test when they enter Spain, as well as when they return home. Perhaps of most interest to tourists is that restaurants and bars are only allowed to stay open until 5pm and can only use their terraces. We are hoping that the numbers stay the same as before Easter, so that tourists can continue coming, Whitsunday being around the corner. Hopefully when the pace of the vaccination is speeding up this will help the tourism get back on its feet fully. 

That is why we believe that it is better to live in the present and plan as if there were no tomorrow! Come and enjoy the lovely weather we are having in Mallorca and which will just get better and better! Come see us for a great and different experience we would love to be at your service!

9 April 2021 | 

Thomas Reiner