Sustainable holidays – Sailing instead of cruising

14 September 2019 | 

Sustainable holidays - Sailing instead of cruising is sustainability under full sailSustainable holidays – Sailing instead of cruising is sustainability under full sail

All inclusive holidays on huge cruise liners has become a polluting mass business. On the other hand sailing, powered by wind, water and sun, means sustainable, eco-friendly travel with a reduced carbon footprint.

Sustainable holidays – Environmental balance of cruise ships

For more than twenty years, the original American idea of spending the most beautiful days of the year aboard a floating town of up to 7,000 passengers. In Europe as well has become increasingly popular. Currently the cruise industry is experiencing a veritable boom, offering everything from classic cruises to the craziest theme cruises.

After the USA and China, Germany is with 2.2 million passengers the third largest market worldwide. The engines of cruise liners still use heavy fuel oil as fuel. The air pollution from the investigated cruise ships corresponds in total to around 120 million modern passenger cars. These emissions not only contribute to global climate change, but also increasingly burden the port cities and holiday paradises.

The resource consumption as well as the produced liquid and solid waste of a modern cruise ship are enormous: a modern cruise ship needs every day 1000 to 2000 tons of fresh water, which nowadays is extracted directly from the sea. This results in an equally large amount of wastewater. On top of that, every day up to ten tonnes of biowaste from the kitchens and restaurants and about ten tonnes of sewage sludge from the wastewater treatment plant are added.

Sailing holidays in the sign of the environment, class instead of mass

On the right course under full sail, powered by the wind, water and sunlight. Sailing has always been a natural and sustainable activity. So why not relocate to a sailboat or catamaran instead of cruising or staying in high season in a crowded hotel?

By nature, sailing yachts and catamarans are more environmentally friendly than pure diesel-powered boats, because they are a kind of hybrid vehicle. They use the wind and thus the diesel engine only in case of no wind, for the generation of electricity on board, or while maneuvering in the port. Of course, the planning of the trip always provides a route that optimally uses the wind, this means that we sail to where the wind takes us. No engine disturbs the intensive nature experience, climate damaging greenhouse gas emissions do not occur, an indescribably beautiful sustainable holiday experience is guaranteed.

Sustainable holidays – Yacht holiday environmentally friendly
As sailors and vacationers, we benefit from the intact nature. Therefore, we are aware of the responsibility to minimize our footprint as guests on the sea. The need to use water sparingly and consciously, should already be taken for granted. Meanwhile, many boats already have a desalination plant. Use eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and sunscreen. As well a minimum of waste production is essential for sustainable sailing enjoyment. Buy local products at local markets, fresh on the table, or savor local delicacies in cozy beach bars.

Holiday fun and enjoyment, combined with environmentally conscious use of nature go hand in hand. Take a bike ride instead of going on a shore excursion by taxi or rental car.  Ride on horseback towards the sunset instead of exploring the area with a rattling moped. In many ports you already can rent electric scooters or e-bikes.

An active sailing holiday can easily be combined with an environmentally conscious lifestyle with a bit of planning. Please contact us anytime for further information.

14 September 2019 |