Private Yachting

Holidays tailored especially for you

Private Yachting – Top class vacation experience

Away from the hectic everyday life, let your soul dangle with a glass of red wine in your hand and enjoy the view of beautiful beaches – this is the authentic feeling of a private luxury cruise. Join us in your Luxury Private Yachting experience, exactly according to your wishes, tailored to your personal preferences, to make your dream holiday come true. Dolphin Boats offers a potpourri high class private yachting experience.

Our offer includes a selection of more than 5,000 yachts, all of them luxuriously equipped and, of course, with a well-trained captain on board if required. The skipper takes care of the smooth running of your cruise. Of course, you can also take over the command even at the wheel on request. If you still want to learn about nautical matters, he will be happy to show you all the important things concerning private yachting, meteorology and navigation. You love to cook and you wish to prove your culinary arts also on your yacht? No problem: You are welcome to put on the chef’s hat in the galley to prepare delicious seafood and all sorts of Mediterranean delights to your taste.

Private Yachting – Breathtaking moments in turquoise bays

It’s your time out, it’s your vacation and it’s your private yachting experience. Therefore, we will take care of you and we will make sure that your private yachting experience is exactly tailored to your wishes and preferences. Lean back; enjoy the breath-taking view of the deep blue sea, the beauty of nature and seclusion from stressful everyday life. Many destinations come into question for your Private Yachting experience. Get inspired and find your yacht charter among our top 6 charter destinations. You can book our motor yachts, catamarans and sailing boats worldwide to make your private yachting dream come true. Whether to Mallorca, Greece or Croatia – Dolphin Boats takes you to beautiful places where you can enjoy the maritime vacation you deserve.

Private Yachting – The sporty extra during your yacht holidays

You like it a bit more sportive? No problem! Take for a few hours and say goodbye to the tranquillity on board of your luxury yacht and exchange it for a pinch of thrills – a mountain-bike tour through untouched nature with abundant vegetation? Fly high on a hot air balloon ride or even fast and nerve-wracking during white water kayaking? Everything is possible, everything after your way. After that, relaxation is program again and you can enjoy the tranquility and comfort on board of your private yacht.

Private Yachting – An experience for the whole family

Speaking of coziness: This is known to be especially in the circle of your family. Also for a memorable time with the family a private yachting holiday is predestined. Here you can spent time with your kids in bright sunshine and in a beautiful setting, which often comes too short in our hectic everyday life. Whether you just jump into the cool water or teach your kids how to catch a fish and then fry it in a pan in the galley – The recreational opportunities of our cruises offer something for everyone. In case the rest of the family wants to do something sportive, and grandma and grandpa think it is too turbulent for them, they can simply stay on board and enjoy some peace and quiet in a cozy get-together.

Private Yachting – Vacation far away from mass tourism

Fabulous bays with gleaming white sand and azure waters are waiting for you – so why hesitate? Dolphin Boats will take you on your luxury Private Yachting experience, when and where you want. Your dream vacation is just a few more Clicks away. Treat yourself to a few days of luxury faraway from mainstream tourism and get on board of your luxury-equipped yacht – with Dolphin Boats.