Charter a catamaran in Mallorca- Experience the new, comfortable way of yachting

In sailing circles, freedom and tranquility on the water is the most important thing during the most beautiful days of the year – playing with the wind and the waves coupled with the addiction to adventure. Especially when the family or friends are to go on an adventure trip and children or newcomers are on board, a sailboat type is often required, which is a bit calmer in the water and offers more space and comfort. That is why the catamaran is becoming more and more popular from season to season to spend time together while on vacation – to enjoy the expanse and the distant view in harmony with nature, while discovering new places and learning about cultures in an environmentally conscious manner and without much noise.

Charter a catamaran in Mallorca – Stability on the water with the real sailing feeling

Catamarans offer a lot of comfort and space on board and a lot of additional storage space in both hulls. They lie much more calmly and stably in the water than a monohul sailboat, since the transmission of the wave motion is distributed over both hulls. Since the catamaran does not tilt more than 5 degrees, it is very stable in the water and is therefore the right choice for all sailors who want to take it a little easier, but do not want to do without the real sailing feeling.

Thanks to the shallow draft, you can visit bays and secluded beaches with a catamaran, which you cannot reach with a sailboat. Another advantage is the easy handling of the engine and the speed under sail on longer routes.

Charter a catamaran in Mallorca – Comfort and plenty of space for everyone on board

Catamarans offer plenty of space both on deck with the generous lying areas and lounge area in the front area at the bow and in the rear area at the stern. Some models also offer a flybridge such as the Lagoon 500 from our fleet. These characteristics of the catamarans make the advantages obvious at first glance. If you rent a catamaran in Mallorca there is an abundance of deck space for sitting, running around, sunbathing, playing, relaxing for you and your family or larger groups.

But space is also capitalised below deck. The bright and spacious common area with salon and kitchen offers space for all guests on board. Depending on the model, the catamarans in our fleet have 3 cabins each with their own bathroom and additional skipper cabin up to 5 cabins with their own bathroom on our Lagoon 52.

Charter a catamaran in Mallorca – Experience a yacht charter on one of our catamarans

Charter your catamaran on Mallorca bareboat or with a professional skipper for your next sailing trip with Dolphin Boats – we offer day charter and multi-day charter with our catamarans, please contact us for an individual, non-binding offer.

You can also find a large selection of sailing boats and catamarans in our Dolphin Boots yacht charter portal in our 6 top travel destinations, as a bareboat charter or with a private skipper and / or crew.