Mallorca geht aus! – The new edition 2019 has arrived

17 May 2019 | 

Mallorca geht aus! – The new edition 2019 has arrived. – The German gastronomy guide for Island Lovers!

On 06. June 2019 it is time again. The new, long-awaited edition of the German magazine MALLORCA GEHT AUS is published for the 17th time with a circulation of 40,000 copies. In the meantime, the practical restaurant and catering guide is a must-read for travelers to Majorca, because whoever wants to indulge in a relaxed and gourmet holiday on the popular Balearic Island will be introduced to the best restaurants on the island.

But also the numerous residents find in MALLORCA GEHT AUS for more than seventeen years always great tips and attractive suggestions in terms of gastronomy and cool insider tips for the island. Of course, the centerpiece of the more than 240-page comprehensive foody compendium includes the best restaurants on the island. Presented are Majorca’s top restaurants that have been tested for taste, good wine, fair prices and service, with the same as always: anonymously tested, critically but fairly texted and richly illustrated …

The culinary highlights of Majorca are very clearly arranged in six island regions. Then there are the top lists with different categories such as ‘Crowned with a star’, which describes Mallorca’s Michelin Star awarded restaurants, ‘Fine Dining’ for serene gourmet enjoyment, ‘Mediterranean’ over southern Europe’s superfood with its market-fresh products, directly from the island or from across Europe ; The ‘New Mallorquin’ category is about advanced island cuisine: committed chefs who, with skill, art and refinement, combine tradition and innovation to create light contemporary creations and reach for the stars; the metropolitan favorites, ‘the 20 Best Palmas’ lead us to the greatest bistros, favorite Asians or Italians, sea view terraces and some upscale restaurants in Palma; The category ‘Around the World’ takes us on a culinary world tour through Palma’s hipster district of Santa Catalina where palate globetrotters really get their brilliant creations worth their money, but here are chefs and dishes from many countries. ‘Sea view’ is the category for those who want to sit by the sea, enjoy, eat well, drink a nice wine; Summits and pleasures can be found ‘Along the Tramuntana’. At least once you should drive through the world heritage of the Tramuntana mountains, enjoy premium sea and mountain panoramas, eat in a good restaurant and enjoy culinary delights that can be reached quite comfortably. Those who feel most comfortable in Majorca at the sight of the luxury yachts and Llaüts, find in the category ‘harbor’ a colorful promenade mix … Small and sophisticated harbors, chic and beautiful restaurants – and besides fish, there is always more of the best Beef. ‘Village beauties’, pearls in secret, sometimes you have to search a bit to discover them, but there is MALLORCA GEHT AUS, here you will find small, hidden culinary beauties. And last but not least there are the cheap delicacies ‘Cheap & good’, if at the end of the holiday low tide prevails in the holiday fund. Good food can also be cheap!

Of course, year after year, it is above all ‘The New’ restaurants that attract the attention of the many MALLORCA GEHT AUS regular readers. And with the practical glossary of typical Mallorcan specialties and dishes nothing can go wrong when shopping on the delicatessen markets. But even the latest and most beautiful hotels and fincas are presented in detail in words and pictures. It also goes without saying that all the golf courses on the island, the most scenic hot spots and relaxed spas are described.

We wish you a pleasant Majorca vacation during your private cruise and bon profit at any time! Buen provecho! Bon appetite

17 May 2019 |