Sport events Mallorca – Ironman 70.3

17 May 2019 | 

Sport events Mallorca – Ironman 70.3
Europe’s most popular triathlon takes place with 3,500 participants as every spring in Alcúdia

The Ironman is the supreme discipline among triathletes, in the 70.3 series, it is about the half-distance, with the 3,500 participants swim 1.9 kilometers swim, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21.1 kilometers. And all this takes place in Alcúdia, with mostly bright blue skies, sunshine, mild temperatures, endless white sandy beaches, the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

THE sports and holiday event between the mountains and the sea on Mallorca

No wonder that as a venue for the Ironman 70.3 no place in Europe Alcúdia can reach the water. Alcudia is one of the most famous places in the north of Mallorca and charmed by its more than 30 kilometers of coastline with beautiful fine white sand beaches, crystal clear water, steep cliffs and secluded coves of indescribable beauty. In this triathlon, participants often travel with the entire family, then stay for one or more weeks and enjoy the combination of holiday and sports island. Whether active holiday, family holiday or sporting event with a group of friends: Dolphin Boats a great private Yachting offers experience here from Palma it goes with the private luxury yacht for Ironman. Dad and Mom participate in the Ironman, Grandma and Grandpa stay with the children. Relaxation, sports, fun for the whole family. Incidentally, the majority of participants in the Ironman 70.3 come from Great Britain, followed by Germany.

The Ironman 70.3 Mallorca leads the approximately 3,500 participants through the most beautiful areas of Mallorca – swimming from Port d’Alcúdia, then it continues cycling through the breathtaking Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, then to run along the bay of Alcúdia 21.1 km , The race offers 35 qualifying spots for a start at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and is the most popular triathlon event in Europe. Last year, at this world’s largest Ironman 70.3 event, 3,800 athletes competed, and the race was booked out several months before the start. Last year’s winners of the Ironman 70.3, Marion Tuin and Tom Suetens, are from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sport events Malloca – Spectacular start in the crystal clear sea

Departure is between 07:55 and 08:45 on the seafront of Port d’Alcúdia, near the port. Here, the 3,500 participants plunge into the crystal-clear Mediterranean to conquer the 1.9-kilometer swim. The entire swim start takes place within 50 minutes. The athletes place themselves based on their estimated swim time in the pre-start area, the fast swimmers front, slower back. The start of the race is spectacular, and the impressive event attracts many spectators who want to see the fittest of all athletes compete in this 6-hour race. In May, Mallorca is most likely to have ideal conditions with sunshine, temperatures around 20 degrees, and water temperatures are usually around 18 degrees. Of course, nobody will freeze, but you can still see many neoprene suits. And happy faces without exception, when the Ironman gradually come out of the water and find themselves on the bike path.

Sport events Mallorca – 90 kilometers bike course Deluxe

90 kilometers in an environment that could not be more diverse, more beautiful. The bike course, a circular route, is a perfect mix of excellent road surface and breathtaking views. Along the sea it goes flat in the direction of Pollença, then it goes for about 14km uphill through the impressive mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana, towards the monastery of Lluc and the Coll de Sa Batalla on a good 500 meters. The participants in the mountains expect spectacular views and almost forget the aching legs in the ascents. Then it goes at a rapid pace around the hairpin bends down to Caimari, Moscari, Campanet, past olive groves, almond trees, vineyards, accompanied by the smell of orange blossoms through the hinterland. About Muro and Sa Pobla the participants then drive to the end point Port d’Alcúdia where the bike is exchanged for the running shoes.

Sport eventes Mallorca – 21.2 kilometers to the finish line

It is then run in the bay of Alcúdia. The 2.5-lap running course is flat and leads along the spectator-lined beach promenade, the participants are encouraged loudly. The views of the turquoise sea enchant with the luxury yachts and mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana in the background. Here participants can let their thoughts fly during the half marathon, accompanied by the sparkling blue water, palm trees, the rhythm of the waves, the smell of salt water.

No wonder that the Mallorca edition of the Ironman 70.3 is so popular. Incidentally, the Ironman was staged for the first time in Hawaii in 1978, meanwhile, the Ironman has positioned itself as a brand and is held at full and half distance worldwide. How did the idea come about? Well, Navi officer John Collins, based in Hawaii, joked during a banquet at the Waikiki swimming club about joining the three toughest endurance races. So the idea came up, the sports swimming, cycling and running in a competition successively perform. On February 18, 1978, then the first race actually took place, with Collins also went to the start. His quote: ‘whoever finishes first, we’ll call him the Ironman’.

17 May 2019 |