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Discover the beauty of Greece and the famous hospitality of the Greeks

Yacht Charter In Greece

Discover the beauty of Greece and the famous hospitality of the Greeks

Greece represents picturesque harbours and bays, white villages with blue roofs and natural olive groves, paired with joy of life and hospitality. Greece is the perfect travel destination for your yacht charter, the country in southern Europe has even more than 3.000 islands. As a result, Greece offers more than 13.600 kilometres of coastal landscape, which guarantees plenty of picturesque harbours and bays to discover with a chartered motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran.

How and where you let Greece affect your life is entirely up to you during your Yacht Charter experience. Of course, you can limit yourself to the north of the country and head to a few hotspots on the coast of Macedonia and Thrace. These include, for example, the picturesque port of Alexandroupoli in western Thrace. If you decide to discover Alexandroupoli, you should not miss the natural olive groves and the city's landmark, the stunning lighthouse at the harbour.

The city of Piraeus is known far beyond the borders of Greece. If you stay with your luxury yacht for a while over here, you will realise that you are in the middle of the third largest port in the Mediterranean. Piraeus is located on the southern tip of Attica, Greece's most populous region. The city is a very authentic kind of a place in Greece and offers great spots and hidden historic corners worth experiencing. Enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine in the restaurants of Piraeus - from Moussaka to baked sheep's cheese up to the sweet Loukoumades.

A real dream destination is Heraklion. The city is located in Crete and thus in the far south of Greece. The climate is Mediterranean.
Since it can get really hot during the summer months, May or September are the best periods for travelling. If Heraklion is one of your destinations during your yacht charter in Greece, you can already begin looking forward to discover the numerous important and historical buildings of the city. These include for example the 16th century harbour fortress of Koules and the Venetian fortress walls with a length of more than five kilometres. Extra tip: Stop by the Odos market street to buy typical Greek specialties at the small market stalls.

More to the North and therefore even closer to the mainland of Greece, you will find the island of Corfu. The appropriate nickname of Corfu is "Green Island". In fact, more than four million olive trees grow and thrive in Corfu. In addition, a visually unique natural spectacle takes place in spring when the numerous aspens reveal their violet flowers. While exploring the coast with your luxury yacht, above all, the steep cliffs will attract your attention. It is said, that the city of Sidari has some of the most beautiful cliffs in Greece.

Regardless of whether you just like to relax your mind and body indulging in Mediterranean serenity, or if you like to get to know culture and people on your own - your yacht charter in Greece will become a reality with our Dolphin Boats yachting portal. Look forward to crystal clear water with picturesque coastlines and the scent of olives and fresh rosemary. It is not without reason that Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. Because in Greece, simply everything gets together: An optically unique flora and fauna, as well as friendly and warmhearted people - this is Greece, as one appreciates and loves it.

Discover Greece (F.A.Q)

When is the best time to travel?
The climate in Greece is  predominantly Mediterranean. Greece and the popular bathing islands become attractive for vacationers from the end of spring, this season is characterised by flowering vegetation and mild temperatures up to 26 degrees. From June the water temperatures rise to over 20 degrees and the sea invites to swim.

The sailing season in Greece starts in early April and ends in November. During this time the temperatures are pleasantly mild, while during the summer it can get very hot with temperatures above 30 degrees. The high season begins in late July and ends in the beginning of September, during this time the marinas are overcrowded with tourists. The best time for a yacht charter in Greece is September, the temperatures are still very summer-like, the prices are not as high as in the main season and the marinas are not as crowded anymore.

In Greece as well sailors will find the Meltemi, a dry and cool north wind. Especially in the summer months from June to September the Memelti blows and provides incredible visibility and light conditions during this time, but the Meltemi also occurs quite often in May and October; this pleasant wind is ideal for sailing and usually blows from afternoon to sunset and can reach up to 4-5 Bft.
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