Formentera, the first choice for a safe yacht charter vacation

6 May 2020 | 

With the beginning of spring Formentera fell – like the rest of Spain – into a deep sleep. But six weeks later, Formentera will be one of the first islands to wake up … from extended hibernation. The isolated location of the island, which is only accessible by sea, has become one of its greatest advantages: because it preserves the island in its purest form, and because of its remoteness, the Corona Virus has hardly spread to Formentera. A “sustainability laboratory” will now check whether the illusion of ‘yes we can’ can be restored. Everything is a question of patience. And the smallest island of the Pitiusas Islands has a lot of that. That is why you will feel like in paradise in Formentera … Certainly!

Color Esperanza from Diego Torres: „Sé que las ventanas se pueden abrir, Cambiar el aire depende de ti, Te ayudara vale la pena una vez más, Saber que se puede querer que se pueda, Quitarse los miedos sacarlos afuera, Pintarse la cara color esperanza, Tentar al futuro con el corazón“……
Which means “I know that you can open windows. The air change depends on you. It will help you. It is worth knowing once again that you can and wanting that you can. Take away the fears, throw them out. Paint your face with the color hope, try the future … With your heart ”. During the Corona pandemic, this song almost became a national anthem in Spain and fits perfectly with the current situation, which reflects the moment that Formentera is currently experiencing. The island knows that on May 4th, it will have the privilege – as well as the responsibility it bears – of being one of the four islands chosen to begin a “new normal” in Spain.

Formentera will again open windows, doors and hearts for a new start … We are happy to be able to start in this Mediterranean paradise, where the green Posidonia seagrass meadows were able to purify their crystalline water more than ever; where bicycles are not just there for the summer months … because they are simply part of environmental awareness. Wherever a manageable control can be perfectly coordinated with the growth. Where its beaches and bays will be less crowded this year and will again be the refuge of the sweet ‘doing nothing’. Where it’s lighthouses La Mola and Cap de Barbaria will turn their gaze back towards infinity and beyond – where our imagination takes us. Because life is a dream. Do you want to dream again Formentera is waiting for you, for sure!

Formentera, the perfect destination to enjoy beautiful beaches and quiet bays during your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands. White powder sand and turquoise sea almost look like a postcard motif, Formentera is beach and sea. Anchor in front of one of these dream stalls and enjoy the sun on your skin, discover the underwater world while snorkelling or diving and take romantic walks at sunset followed by a delicious glass of wine and a delicious dinner in one of the typical fish restaurants on the island.

We hope that we have given you a little anticipation and that we can travel again soon. If you have found the right boat for you, we look forward to offering you the perfect vacation. Simply click on the blue field “REQUEST” and simply enter your charter request in the request form that opens. We will then get in touch with you to make you an offer or to join
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Until then, stay patient, full of anticipation and above all healthy!

Your Dolphin Boats team

6 May 2020 |