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6 February 2022 | 

Outside the window, a sad gray picture. Every day is similar to the previous one. Not surprisingly, it is at this time that many of us are attacked by the blues. However, don’t give up. Just a few hours’ flight away from anywhere in Europe, is our wonderful sunny island with an exceptionally mild climate, absolute beauty of flowering, and lush greenery. It is generally accepted that at this time of year, there is absolutely nothing to do there. But is it really true?

Mallorca, the jewel of the Balearic archipelago, will easily restore the taste of life lost during the long winter months, charge you with positive emotions, and repair your health. In February, you can leisurely sightsee, get acquainted with national traditions, and enjoy hot fun at the grandiose carnival.

Active time

Hot air balloon, quad, kayak, surfing, Mallorca, Spain

For thrill-seekers, there are a variety of activities, such as hot air balloon rides from Mallorca Hot Air Balloon Rides, tours on quad bikes, or three-wheeled motorcycles. You can drive racing cars or go-karts on the dedicated track at Circuit Mallorca. If you’re not afraid of cold water, you could also go surfing in the north of the island.


Port de Soller, Bellver castle, Joan Miro, Mallorca, Spain

For lovers of leisurely contemplation and historical sights, there are also excellent options to spend time with benefit and pleasure.

A popular attraction – a century-old wooden train – will take you from Palma to the charming Soller, where at the arrival station you can visit a free exhibition of works by Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso. Along the way, you can admire the pastoral and mountain views of Mallorca. From Soller you can take another old tram to the port of Soller where you can walk along the beautiful promenade, eat in good restaurants and enjoy the most beautiful views of the bay and the sea. Here you can buy tickets .

Another way to have a great time on contemplative and cognitive walks is the Palma City sightseeing tour, which will take you to the most famous historical sites with the opportunity to get off the bus and enjoy the pearls of the history of the island, such as the Es Baluard Museum, Castle Bellver and the place where the famous artist Joan Miro lived and created his art. Tickets are here.


Spanish gastronomy, paella, wine, Mallorca, Spain

For lovers of gastronomic delights, Mallorca will always have something to their liking. Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional Mallorcan and Spanish cuisine restaurants with a special atmosphere, and, of course, magnificent wineries where delightful tasting tours can be held.


Carnival, Mallorca, Spain

February is a rather calm month, but even during this period, there is a holiday adored by both children and adults! It’s Carnival! Carnival in Palma, of course, cannot be compared either in scale or duration with that of Rio. But nevertheless, this is a favorite holiday, especially for children, which is widely celebrated in all the cities of Mallorca. Already, traditionally, many tourists fly to Palma these days – not only to see but also to participate in this colorful celebration of an explosion of color and joy.

Carnival does not have a fixed date on the calendar because it depends on when Holy Week falls. This year, the start will be on February 13 and end on March 2

Summing up, we can confirm that despite the fact that the winter in Mallorca is quite calm and measured, there is always something to do and entertainment for every taste, budget, and temperament.

In the meantime, we are preparing for the opening of the season in 2022 and are taking advance reservations with a discount for early bookings. Reserve here your yacht tour.

Please remember that the Balearic Islands actually have several restrictions. If you like to enter restaurants, pubs, or discos, you will need a vaccination certificate, a certificate of post-illness antibodies, or a fresh PCR or antigen test. Until February 28, face masks are mandatory inside and outside.

Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information on the rules for visiting the Balearic Islands.

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