Top 6 favorite beaches of the locals – 6th: FORMENTOR

20 March 2020 | 

PLAYA DE FORMENTOR - Exclusive Caribbean beach in the north of MallorcaMallorca’s top 6 favorite beaches of the locals


That you will find the most beautiful dream beaches in Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic islands, is not a secret anymore. There are 262 beaches in Mallorca with a total length of 50 km. But where it is really, really  quiet and beautiful, this of course, only the locals know. Luckily, they share their secrets and we can immerse ourselves in the beautiful, Mediterranean life. And above all, in the sky-blue, crystal-clear waters, on powdery white, sandy beaches, surrounded by spicy fragrants of the pine forests.

Here are the favorite beaches of the Mallorcans:

6th: PLAYA DE FORMENTOR – Exclusive Caribbean beach in the north of Mallorca

In the northeast of Mallorca you will find in the beautiful, protected nature reserve of the peninsula of Formentor the stunning, snow-white, fine sandy beach of Formentor, also known as Cala Pi de la Posada. The more than a kilometer long dream beach at the western end of the bay of Pollença is nestled in the picturesque backdrop of the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, surrounded by pine forests whose branches almost touch the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, providing shade. The view extends across the entire bay from Pollença to the mountains of the La Victoria península; during the summer months the owners of some of the most spectacular luxury yachts are spending their holidays over here.

The water in the bay shimmers in a variety of shades of blue and green and the fine sandy beach shines bright white in the sun. Great for children, because it goes flat into the sea. Although the beach is usually well frequented in its main sections. You will still find idyllic spots off the beaten track, where you may even be alone. By the way, this beach has been voted one of the most beautiful in the world.

If you are looking for active holidays, water skis, pedal boats or kayaks are waiting at the beach. But as well you can go for a short hike along the beach into the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, up to the 100m high little mountain behind the beach.

Exclusive beach – PLAYA DE FORMENTOR

This exclusive beach is mainly known by the luxury hotel Formentor at the eastern end of the beach. Here you will find Arabian sheikhs as well as some presidents or celebrities. If you’ve got something fancy to wear, change the beach for the hotel, you can dine excellently at this amazing, luxury place – like Charlie Chaplin or Winston Churchill did. Mallorcans love to have picnics under the trees; But there are also cafes and bars with high quality food and drinks with fantastic views. All in all a great beach where everyone will find what he is looking for. And Caribbean flair is included at the Playa de Formentor.


20 March 2020 |