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Discover the  Seychelles

Yacht charter Seychells - Experience paradise on Earth
A yacht charter in Seychelles will transport you into a truly exotic part of the world. Long beaches with snow white, powdery sand, crystal clear water and green palm trees. This is what the Seychelles represent, one of the last paradises on earth. Due to its equatorial location, the Seychelles are a perfect destination during the whole year, with tropical air and water temperatures of around 28 degrees. For hardly any other sailing area, the term ‘paradise’ is more appropriate. A yacht charter in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean is surely one of the big dreams of every sailor.
The Seychelles are located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, an archipelago of around 115 islands that topographically belong to Africa. Located 4 to 11 degrees south of the equator, the islands are divided into two main groups, the Inner Islands and Outer Islands. The most populated islands are the Inner Islands, which include the main island Mahé, La Dique and Praslin.

Each of the islands of the Seychelles is surrounded by a paradisiacal coastal landscape. Turquoise blue water, beaches with snow white, powdery sand and palm trees as far as you can see, every bay and every beach enchants with unique features, secluded natural coves, tropical vegetation, impressive rocky landscapes and zest for life of the Creole people attract. There is probably no other place in the world with such a large number of unique beaches waiting for you be discovered. Spend your yacht charter on several islands, island hopping at the Seychelles is absolutely IN! A yacht charter in this sailing area does not just mean beach and palm trees, the Seychelles are one of the last unspoiled places on earth and promise breathtaking nature and adventure in pristine surroundings. The best time to go to the Seychelles? Always!

Start your yacht charter around the magical Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles and home of the main port and the capital Victoria. The island offers unforgettable opportunities for a yacht charter, sailing along 44 miles of beautiful coastline, providing safe anchorages, more than 65 beaches and numerous secret bays with romantic hiding places. Mahé is the largest island of the Inner Islands, around 90% of the population lives on the main island of the Seychelles. With remarkable elevations of up to 1000 meters, the granite peaks form an impressive scenery, the island is particularly rich in flora that  was able to evolve in this isolated location, many endemic plants adorn the cloud forests in the mountain regions. Victoria is one of the smallest capitals in the world and you shouldn't miss visiting this town. You will be accompanied by the traces of the colonial period, a Big Ben in mini format will impress you, in the botanical garden the green of the plants alternate with colourful orchids and beautiful birds, while giant turtles just crawl on the ground. Every Saturday is market day in Victoria, here you will be seduced by the scent of many spices and tropical fruits.

But it's not just Mahé, the start port of  our yacht charter Seychelles, that is popular with sailors. Just about 20 nautical miles east of Mahé, we find the second largest island of the Inner Islands, the island of Praslin. Discover during your yacht charter in the Seychelles the world-famous Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco de Mer, the largest nut in the world grows on high, ancient coconut palms in the middle of the jungle. Six endemic palm species of the Seychelles are growing in the Vallée de Mai. The beautiful Vallée de Mai at Prasin is one of the two areas that have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage.

The island of Praslin offers exceptionally beautiful dream beaches, such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, since several years voted among the world's top ten beaches. White Caribbean sandy beaches par excellence, picturesque granite rocks, warm, shallow water shining with an intense turquoise colour in the sun, inviting you to swim, snorkel and dive in this rich underwater world. Enjoy during your yacht charter in Seychelles the small restaurants on the beach, where fresh seafood always is waiting for you.
A stopover on the island of St. Pierre, a magical, tiny, remote island of Praslin, consisting of a bizarre granite block interspersed with large coconut palm trees swaying in the wind, is an absolute Seychelles highlight.

Yacht Charter Seychelles - who never has dreamed of sailing to dream beaches, to places, where the great commercials are filmed... Less than 4 miles from Praslins Baie St. Anne we’ll find La Dique, an island where time does not seem to exist. And we will find the beauty and the honoured traditions of this Island not just along the 9 mile stretch of coastline. 
The island of La Digue may seem peculiarly familiar to you, the bizarrely shaped granite blocks and the white sandy beach of the island formed the scenery for the world famous Bacardi and Amicelli advertisements. Here you will find the typical postcard motifs, the island of La Digue, with even 2.500 habitants, is perhaps the island with the most beautiful beaches in the world. No cars, only bicycles and bullock carts or even horses are the means of transportation on this island, large turtles with an age of up to 300 years are crossing our way. To the left and right of the bay the towering granite stones, in front of us the turquoise sea with waves rolling out on the sandy beach. Panoramic views over the many other islands of the Seychelles, blue sky and the even more blue sea.
Discover the many small bays of the islands of Reunion, Union and Patate, whose shimmering white sandy beaches are among the most photographed in the world. Don’t miss  also the opportunity to visit the numerous small neighbouring islands, such as Félicité, Marianne and Grand Soeur, all within easy reach of safe anchorages. At La Digue you will also find nice shops, boutiques and great restaurants, reflecting the island's typical Creole hospitality.

A yacht charter to the sparkling Outer Islands of the Seychelles, at regions where only a few have sailed before you, offers the challenge of a longer sailing trip. Here you still can find the original adventure in the midst of the azure blue world of the open sea and turquoise, secluded lagoons. The Outer Islands are as well a great option during your yacht charter Seychelles, because not only the Inner Islands are a good sailing area. Just sailing 130 miles from Mahé direction south-west, you arrive to the Islas Amirante, a group of islands belonging to the Outer Islands. This coral islands are glittering like a pearl necklace in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and since each island is only four hours' sailing away from the next, you should visit the most beautiful ones, such as Desnouef and Marie-Louise, Desroches or d'Arros, as well as St. Joseph Atoll.

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Discover the Caribbean

Yacht Charter Caribbean - Experience joie de vivre in a beautiful setting
Caribbean Yacht Carter represents: turquoise water, endless long white sandy beaches, lined with high palm trees, evergreen rainforests, flat coral islands, colourful wooden houses, constructed in the monumental confectionary style, and then there is the special joy of life of the locals. One of the most attractive travel destinations for a yacht charter, as a sailor you will appreciate the constant trade wind from December to May, then it’s time for exchanging the mulled wine for Cuba Libre. The Caribbean is a region in the western, tropical part of the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator and consists of the Caribbean Sea and the arch of the islands and island groups located over there, called the West Indies. In the Caribbean, it is pleasantly warm all year round; the most popular and best travel time for a yacht charter holiday is from November to April, because during this time the temperatures are around 26 degrees and it‘s almost not raining at all. Just the islands of the Lesser Antilles are an attractive travel destination during the whole year because these islands are outside the hurricane zone. Even during the winter, the water temperature in the Caribbean is inviting with pleasant 26 degrees.

A yacht charter with an indescribable exotic sailing backdrop, especially for Caribbean beginners, expects the sailors in the Lesser Antilles. An arc with a length of almost 500 kilometres with high volcanic islands, evergreen rainforests, nature in its purest form, flat coral islands, turquoise waters, endless long sandy beaches, cliffs breaking the waves, colonial style architecture and colourful houses like out of a picture book, rum, reggae Music, the magnificent Creole cuisine and then the special joy of life of the local people... The Caribbean is a paradise, above all for enjoying the freedom during a yacht charter.

There are so many Caribbean islands, that even returnees will discover more and more  new and indescribable landscapes. A highly recommended yacht charter leads along the southern Lesser Antilles, starting at the French island of Martinique to the Grenadines. Paradise begins in the Grenadines. The 32 partly uninhabited islands offer a mini archipelago with offshore reefs. Over here, diving and snorkelling is very popular, you will see turtles, rays, colourful fishes or even dolphins. And after swimming, you just relax under a palm tree at one of the authentic, heavenly Caribbean beaches. Mayreau's wind-protected Salt Whistle Bay is one of the best anchorages in the region and while we are enjoying our luxury yacht, the local fishermen are showing up with their small boats to provide us with freshly caught lobsters.

Another highlight during your Caribbean yacht charter are the Tobago Cays, it’s just amazing to swim with turtles in this unreal light blue lagoon. The underwater world in this area is simply unique, huge starfishes, corals and an infinite number of fishes of all sizes and colours are to be admired over here.

Sandy Island is considered one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Grenadines, Sandy Island, like the name already says, a small sandy island with palm trees and funny pelicans. And then there's the luxurious private island of Mustique, favourite among others by David Bowie and Robert de Niro. Every now and then you meet one of the rich and beautiful people in ‘Basil’s Bar’, where you should enjoy a authentic rum sundowner, because over here you will find that real, special Caribbean feeling.

Martinique is one of the many shining jewels of the French Caribbean and offers the classic Caribbean package, magnificent white sandy beaches on the south coast and black sand on the north coast. Secluded bays for snorkelling, coral reefs, unspoiled fishing villages, hot springs, lush rainforest, rugged mountain peaks and exotic flowers and fruits are waiting for you at this stunning Island. A popular diving spot off the coast of Martinique is the Rocher du Diamant rock, located in the southwest, which rises 176 meters from the sea and whose underwater world features impressive caves and a diverse flora and fauna. Divers are attracted to the bay of Anses D’Arlet or Pointe Burgos where many turtles are living. Discover the stunning, natural beauties of Martinique during a shore excursion, don’t miss to explore the volcanic Mont Pelée at 1.400 meters, the highest mountain on the island. Or marvel at the Gorges de la Falaise waterfall, just in the middle of the tropical rainforest.

A yacht charter in the Caribbean is just like sailing in paradise, especially for those who have sailed almost anywhere in the world. Above all, at this point one should not forget Cuba. On the south coast of Cuba you will find this fantastic sailing area of 2.500 nautical miles, enabling yacht vacationers to take a secluded trip. The famous 'Cayos' are among the absolute highlights of this sailing area where you can admire turtles, flamingos, lobsters and countless species of fish and corals.
Cuba is with a length of about 1.200 kilometres the largest island of the Caribbean. Kuba is really quaint and picturesque and around the elongated island state we will find many sailing areas, especially for the experienced skippers, because Cuba is one of the most complicated sailing areas.

Cuba is a very special location for a yacht charter in the Caribbean. Whether Havana with its colourful, partly ancient buildings, the vintage cars and the happy people, or the endless white sandy beaches of the Cayos, the turquoise waters of the coral reefs with the beautiful underwater world. The archipelago consists of hundreds of small islands, emerged by coral reefs. There is hardly any infrastructure with larger ports, exclusive gastronomy and marinas. During the yacht charter you will be spoiled by lonely bays, rustic beach bars and dreamlike, partly deserted beaches. And the local fishermen are even delivering fresh fish and seafood directly to the boat.

The ancient seaport of Cienfuegos is located on the south coast of Cuba. Its picturesque location at the lagoon is connected by a narrow entrance to the sea; Cienfuegos is not only the ideal starting port for a yacht charter in the Caribbean, but also invites to stroll on the wide boulevards. From here, you can either start your yacht charter in direction west, into the island world of the Cayos, or you are sailing to the east, direction Trinidad. Cayo Largo is a tiny Island in the middle of the Caribbean, known for its endless sandy beaches; with a little luck you can watch the sea turtles laying their eggs. The largest island next to Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud, the island of the youth, is a very popular travel destination in this sailing area.

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Discover Thailand & Asia

Yacht Charter Thailand - Experience the land of smiles in a different way
A yacht charter in Thailand will transport you into an exotic, magical world with paradisiacal beaches, turquoise sea, beautiful green river valleys, fascinating jungle or mountain landscapes, with wide rice fields and an archipelago of 80 islands. Thailands tropical climate during the whole year attracts sailors from all over the world.

Even nowadays Thailand is still considered an exotic travel destination. The yacht charter area Thailand is located in the tropics and is bordered in the west by Myanmar, in the northeast by Laos, in the east by Cambodia and in the south by Malaysia. The land of contrasts has got something exceptionally fascinating that sailors keep returning. On the one hand it is because of its breathtaking, exotic nature, but also because of its unique culture and rich traditions. Almost unlimited hospitality, friendly smiling locals everywhere and of course we should remark the fantastic food. Above all, however, are the warm hearted Thais who earned the very fitting name "Land of the Smile" for their kingdom.    

In southern Thailand, the Andaman Sea sailing area around Phuket, with its many tiny islands with dream beaches, fascinating landscapes and quaint, unspoilt fishing villages, is a particularly worthwhile destination for sailors longing for sun, especially during the winter months. With a gently rolling coastline, rugged limestone islands, pristine sandy bays and marine reserves, one directly understands why Phuket is called the pearl of the Andaman Islands. The distances between the more than 130 tropical islands are simply perfect for day trips. Rugged bays, emerald green water framed by coconut palms invite to stay and relax. The crystal clear water with the picturesque islands and rock formations with its exuberant vegetation is absolutely fascinating and just amazing. You feel transported into a wondrous world, Thailand is one of the most beautiful and original sailing areas in the whole world. James Bond 'The Man with the Colt' and Leonardo di Caprio 'The Beach' have known this for a long time. But fortunately, there are only a few yachties sailing in this tropical paradise.

The port where your yacht charter Thailand starts, is located at the island of Phuket. Be sure that you will be enchanted by Phuket’s famous Thai cuisine. As one of the typical dishes of southern Thailand, the Kaeng Massaman, a red curry with beef, potatoes, lime juice and peanuts, stands out due to its unique flavour. Seafood dishes are also very popular in Phuket and the island's local delicacy is the famous Phuket Lobster. You will experience an unforgettable sunset while sailing to the most southern point of the island, the Promthep Cape.

The Phang-Nga-Bay Marine National Park is located North of Phuket, if you sail in this area, you will be impressed by its famous many small islands, lagoons, dream beaches and bizarre limestone cliffs, steeply rising out of the crystal-clear sea. This spectacular island world even served as the film set for a James Bond film. In the Khao Phra Theao National Park you can even hike through the rainforest, passing impressive waterfalls. Another highlight could be the Nakha Yai Islands, two sister islands, Nakha Yai and Nakha Noi. The absolute tranquility and the incredible landscape with white sandy beaches and emerald green water is an exclusive destination for sunbathing, snorkelling, swimming and beach walks. The smaller of the two islands is called Pearl Island, because the famous Andaman pearls are grown over here, you can even visit the pearl farm.

Your yacht charter Thailand could continue to the beautiful Pak Bla archipelago, known as an extraordinary hotspot for divers and snorkelling. The waters in this area are among the clearest and cleanest in all Thailand. The islands and their small bays are a fantastic place to stay overnight while you are on your way to Krabi.
Another stunning sailing area is located in the province of Krabi, southeast of Phuket, here we find the beaches of Hat Noppharat, Ao Nang, Thara and the Phi Phi Islands. At the beaches we’ll find several small outdoor kitchens and cute restaurants, the Thai cuisine with its many fresh ingredients is extremely tasty. At this islands, the fishermen will even come to your yacht, providing you with the freshest fish and seafood.

In the extreme southwest of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea, we’ll reach the marine national park Tarutao, consisting of 51 islands. There are five major islands: the largest one is Koh Tarutao, followed by Koh Rawi, Koh Adang, Koh Lipe and Koh Butang, as well as some inhabited and uninhabited smaller islands. The largest and at the same time eponymous island Koh Tarutao extends over an area of 152 km². This island impresses by palm-fringed beaches, rugged limestone formations and a dense, evergreen forest. Koh Taruto is very popular with bird lovers and divers, because at this beautiful place of the world we’ll find around 100 bird species and various endangered turtle species, living at the island and the surrounding waters.

Located in the the middle of the Ko Tarutao National Park, we’ll find the idyllic island paradise Ko Rawi with its deserted beach, where the only residents are hundreds of hermit crabs. Here you will find nature in its purest form, a coral reef teeming with fish is waiting in the turquoise waters to be explored with snorkels and fins. A shore excursion enchants, hike through the jungle, climb the hills over winding paths and slippery rocks to the mini waterfall, accompanied by butterflies, lizards, birds and monkeys.

A yacht charter in Thailand will not only impress by the beautiful island world and the emerald green water with coral reefs for diving and snorkelling, with numerous anchorages or with brilliant white sandy beaches. A yacht charter in Thailand becomes a versatile and unique holiday experience for everyone. Thailand offers a tropical climate all year round with average temperatures of around 28 degrees, even during the somewhat wet rainy season. So just perfect to escape the wet autumn or cold winter in Europe.