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An incomparable way to discover and experience Croatia

Yacht Charter In Croatia

An incomparable way to discover and experience Croatia

Yacht charter in Croatia represents Mediterranean climate, intact nature, crystal clear water, an excellently developed maritime infrastructure and above all, short arrival times. Croatia is also called the 'Blue Heart of Europe' and enchants with approximately 1,800 km of coastline and perfect conditions for your yacht charter in Croatia.
A holiday on a motor yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran on the Croatian Adriatic is thanks to the Mediterranean climate with consistently mild temperatures and stable wind conditions ideal for everyone who simply likes to enjoy their yacht charter in Croatia in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by views over spectacular natural sceneries. No matter whether you are chartering a motor yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran in Croatia, whether you prefer to be the skipper, or if you prefer to let yourself be guided by a skipper who will show you the beauty of Croatia.
The coast and the many islands offer so many small fishing ports, bays and moorings where above all, fresh seafood and a variety of great dishes are waiting for you. With or without sailing experience, experience Croatia during your family vacation or your holidays with your best friends and let yourself be inspired by a yacht vacation in Croatia. Discover the beauty of the islands during your yacht charter in Croatia, coupled with vibrant cities and diverse nature. Stunning highlights all over are waiting for you to be discovered, you will feel enchanted. The diverse coastal region of the Croatian Adriatic makes a yacht charter in Croatia a very special experience. In front of the Adriatic coast we find a total of 1.244 partly uninhabited islands with wonderful beaches, surrounded by pine forests, bays with turquoise, crystal clear water in the middle of protected nature and the best possible water quality – Croatia is a real natural paradise.

None of the five most popular holiday regions in Croatia is like the other, each region has its own charm and offers a large number of cultural and historical sights, regardless of where you start your yacht charter in Croatia.
These five sailing and water sports regions are all very different and each of the areas is also characterized by its own climatic sailing conditions.

Discover Istria in the north of Croatia, the largest peninsula on the Adriatic, also known as the Tuscany of the south-eastern Europe. Fantastic stretches of coastline, many historical buildings and a tasty range of wine and Croatian specialties await you in this region.
The Kvarner Bay stretches between the Istrian peninsula in the west and the Croatian mainland in the east. The typical Mediterranean climate previals in the Kvarner Bay, the sailing season in the Adriatic is mainly during the period from April to October with 280 days of sunshine during the year - a true sailing paradise. Discover the islands of Cres, Rab, Krk, Mali Losinji and a number of smaller islands during your yacht charter in Croatia.

North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia.

Secluded bays with turquoise water, lonely beaches, hidden caves, medieval, small  harbor towns and a certain amount of islands excite. Start your yacht charter in the historic town of Zadar and discover the more than 1.000 km long coastline with all its scenic beauty, the dreamlike beaches and lonely bays. Experience together with the local people the hospitality of the Croatians. Get to know the local specialties during your stops in small romantic fishing ports, the gastronomy over here is characterized by fresh fish and seafood as well as local products.

It is said that whoever has been to Croatia always comes back. Which is not surprising, because there is so much to see in Croatia, that our article is certainly not sufficient to describe the beauty of this sailing area.

Discover Croatia (F.A.Q)

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Croatia can be divided into three Climatic regions, according to the three defining landscape types. In the north are the Pannonian Plains, lowlands, the Adriatic coasts in the south and Central Croatia, consisting of the mountains Dinara Region, which is covered with large forests and has an alpine climate. The north-east and east of the country have a more continental climate, but the typical Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot summer months prevails on the Croatian Adriatic coast in the west and south of Croatia. The average during the early summer months from May until autumnal October is up to 30 degrees a day, so you can enjoy the sun for up to 11 hours a day. The water temperatures are between 20 and 24 degrees between the end of May and middle of October. In spring and autumn, temperatures can still be around 20 degrees during the day, but at night it cools down to around 12 degrees.
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