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Baleares is one of the most popular resorts for world celebrities, politicians, and wealthy people.

Mallorca, Spain, coastal view and Mediterranean sea

Spanish Royal family

Spanish Royal family on walk in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca has been the official holiday destination for the Spanish royal family ever since the current king was five years old. They enjoy two properties on the island: Almudaina Palace in Palma, next to the cathedral, and Marivent Palace in Cala Major, where they spend their summer breaks. King Felipe is an experienced yachtsman and he usually takes part in the Copa del Rey Regatta at the end of July. The former queen Sofía, also spends the summer months in Mallorca with her sister Irene of Greece and likes to take her grandchildren sailing, to a live music concert, or out for dinner when they’re visiting.

Starting Mallorca’s story of famous people, we must mention in the course of its 90-year history, that the Hotel Formentor welcomed many famous personalities – including Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, and Charlie Chaplin. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III spent here their honeymoon and You can see that suite and even live in it by buying this item at the Barcelo Formentor charity auction. In 2001, it even hosted a Middle East summit with Israeli President Shimon Peres and PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Famous artists and sculptors have long come to Mallorca to seek inspiration and create. For example,  Miguel Barcelo was invited to the city of Palma, the capital of Mallorca, to decorate the Cathedral of La Seu.

Many celebrities have not yet bought a property in Mallorca, but they regularly visit the island with their family. So, director Guy Hamilton, opera singer Regine Crespin. Back in time composer Frederic Chopin and his beloved, the writer George Sand stayed on the island. Frederic Chopin settled in the small town of Valldemossa in a Carthusian monastery, where to this day visitors can see his belongings.

Joan Miró

Working studio of Joan Miro in Palma de Mallorca. Friend Pablo Picasso.

His mother and grandparents were born in Mallorca, but his connection to the island deepened when he married a local girl, Pilar Juncosa.

The artist lived in Barcelona but left it in 1954 to finally settle in Mallorca, where he died in 1983. According to Miró, his warm feelings towards Mallorca were due to the fact that the island allowed him to truly live and create, completely immersed in the beautiful nature of the island.

A great friend of Miró, Pablo Picasso, with whom he was friends from his youth and maintained very close ties until old age. They spent a lot of time together, Pablo Picasso was a frequent visitor to the estate of Juan Miro.

Celebrities who own estates on Mallorca

Sea cost Real Estate. Mallorca, Spain

Annie Lennox

The former Eurythmics singer owns a house in the beautiful western town of Sóller where she spends a big chunk of her year. Lennox has managed to blend in with the locals quite seamlessly, so you’ll have to be especially alert to catch sight of her shopping with her husband around Palma.

Til Schweiger

Movie producer and actor, acting star, restaurant operator, director, furniture and interior designer… One can understand if Til Schweiger sometimes wants to get away from the hustle and bustle. That’s exactly what the actor likes to do on his 300-year-old estate. It is located in the Serra de Tramuntana and was acquired in 2013. According to Bild.de, the famous star, who according to the press suffers from an excess of temperament, becomes a “happy hippie” when he’s on the island. If one knows the area, he will be able to understand why this is so.

Rafael Nadal

As a Spaniard, born on the island of Mallorca, it goes without saying how wealthy he is, he likes to live here, in his native land. Rafael Nadal, the best Spanish tennis player of all time, comes from Manacor and lives in the east of the island. He currently lives under one roof with almost all of his family. However, he recently bought an elegant villa in Porto Cristo, very close to the sea.

Michael Douglas & Cathrine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas and Cathrine Zeta-Jones, Mallorca, Spain

There is no doubt that the marriage of actors is still in love with Mallorca and with s’Estaca, their estate in Valldemossa. It was Diandra Luker, his first wife, who infected Michael Douglas with her passion for the island. Her father, a Swiss-American diplomat, discovered the island on vacation and she speaks perfect Spanish and Majorcan. Both shared ownership of the imposing mansion until the actor decided to buy the other part and although he had been trying to sell it for some time, the coronavirus pandemic caused him to withdraw it from the market and the Hollywood star even considered keeping it as his habitual residence.

Often famous people to escape from attention and fully disconnect are selecting distance relaxation and are often can be seen on board researching the island from the water.

And since we’ve started talking about yachts, we can’t help but mention the Rising Sun. This is one of the largest private yachts in the world based in the Mediterranean for years and is owned by American moguls Larry Ellison and David Geffen. Many famous people rent this boat when they come to spend a few days in Mallorca. The deck of this boat has played host to many famous celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Oprah Winfrey, Orlando Bloom, and billionaire Jeff Bezos among others. Other well-known faces to be seen on the water are Naomi Campbell, Ed Sheeran, Brad Pitt, Annie Lennox, Claudia Schiffer, Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Elsa Pataky, Paris Hilton ……

However, for every boat owner and/or guest who likes to be seen, there are those who prefer to be more discreet. So, who knows what famous faces you might see pop up on board these beautiful, luxurious yachts such as El Yas, Radiant, Khalilah, Titania, Areti, Samurai……?

So in the summer months by renting one of our yachts, you may meet inland and offshore any celebrity simply by coincidence.

And why do they choose the Balearics – for each island’s incomparable beauty, stunning beaches, breath-taking views, incomparable landscapes, gastronomy, culture, leisure, nightlife, peace, and tranquillity – whatever one is looking for on holiday, you’ll find it in the Balearic Islands.

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