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Yacht Charter in the Balearics – Our Top Deals

You like to take the steering wheel yourself or you are a yacht newbie and would like your private captain to show you the beauty of the Balearic Islands, including insider tips? No problem – with us you will find the right yacht for your charter holiday at the Balearic Islands

Our fleet consists of luxuriously equipped sailing boats and catamarans from a size of 40 feet and motor yachts from a size of 43 feet. Our sailing boats, catamarans and motor yachts can be chartered with and without a professional captain. We offer our guests floating, exclusive and stylish yacht accommodations with and without crew, ideally suited for day tours, multi-day charter trips or a one-week private cruise – like this, everyone can get to know the islands in their own personal way. Just let yourself be inspired by our travel destination suggestions and contact us for your individually arranged charter holiday at the Balearic Islands.

Yacht Charter in the Balearics

Discover the beauty of Mallorca, Cabrera, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera

The Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean consists of approximately 150 individual islands. Only five of them are inhabited. Discover the beauty and versatility of Mallorca, Cabrera, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera during your luxurious yacht charter in the Balearic Islands – lonely bays, small romantic fishing ports or trendy beach clubs. A yacht charter in the Balearic Islands will fulfill the dreams of each participant and above all, you will get to know the Mediterranean lifestyle from its most beautiful side – from the water.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and probably as well the most versatile of the five Balearic Islands. Palma, the capital of Mallorca, was even recognized by the British newspaper “Times” as the most liveable place in the world, and invites locals and visitors to the vibrant art and culture scene, to discover the varied gastronomic offer, as well as a variety of luxurious boutiques and small, traditional shops. But Mallorca has much more to offer during your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands. Experience the luxurious marinas and holiday resorts in the southwest of the island and the small and unspoilt bays along the south coast, up to the Caribbean-like beach Es Trenc. Discover the dreamlike east coast and circle the northernmost point of Mallorca, the stunning Cap de Formentor. In Port de Sóller, freshly squeezed orange juice and prawns direct from the sea await you during your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands. And of course, a visit to one of the award-winning bodegas in the middle of the island should not be missed during your private yachting experience.

Menorca, the green island, is a guarantee for tranquility and relaxation. During the 18th century Menorca was under British sovereignty, this is why the Island is not only known for its colonial buildings from this period, but also for its own, excellent Mahón Gin. Menorca is in terms of landscape quite similar to its big sister Mallorca, but Menorca doesn’t attract as many tourists as Mallorca. Instead of crowds of people, even during the high season you can stroll through small fishing villages and enjoy almost empty beaches. Discover during your yacht charter at the Balearic Islands the white cliffs, covered with wiry trees, the quiet bays and above all, the Menorcan culture. Menorcas most famous and traditionell festival, the Fiestas of Sant Joan, takes place in June. During these three days, the normally very tranquil Island of Menorca gets really crazy and everybody is celebrating.

Then Ciutadella, the capital in the west of the Balearic Island, becomes the scene of a fascinating, crazy, almost surreal festival. 30.000 people are celebrating Sant Joan, celebrating the horses, which are also the central and main actors of many other Menorcan festivities. Cabrera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands and for nature lovers Cabrera is a real insider tip. Just 20 people are living at Cabrera and the access for visitors is strictly limited. Only 50 visitors per day are allowed to enter the main island and the national park of the Cabrera archipelago. There is a limited offer of accommodation and the stay at the Island is also restricted to one night. The maritime national park captivates with its beauty and clean water, one of the highlights is the Cova Blava – the Blue Grotto. A visit to Cabrera during your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands must be well planned, because of the fact that the anchoraches are also limited and must be reserved a long time in advance.

Ibiza, the party island is known for its hippie flair combined with exclusive clubs and a vibrant nightlife. Ibiza Town captivates with a breathtaking scenery, the mostly extensively renovated fisherman’s houses wind their way up the hill to the fortress from which you have a wonderful view over the whole city, the exclusive marina and the sea. At Ibiza you will find the trendy clubs like Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza or Amnesia, where internationally known DJs shake up the crowd with electronic music. For those who like it a bit more quiet during their yacht charter in the Balearic Islands, a vistit of one of the trendy beach clubs is a perfect option: white beach, chillout music and great cocktails – that‘s real pure holiday feeling.

Formentera, the perfect travel destination if you like to enjoy beautiful beaches and quiet bays during your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands. Enchanting beaches with white, powdery sand and the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea almost seem to be a postcard theme, Formentera means beach and sea. Anchor on of one of these dreamlike beaches and enjoy the sun on your skin, discover the underwater world while snorkeling or diving and go for a romantic walk at sunset, followed by a fancy glass of wine and a delicious dinner in one of the typical fish restaurants at the island.

Our Intinerary

Discover the Balearic Islands and be inspired by our suggestions for your yacht charter itinerary. Get to know Mallorca, Menorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera from a different side, our travel experts created three 7 day itineraries for you, which cover every aspect of Spanisch life and ensures that you not just experience sun, sea and beach, but also the best of culture and traditions of the Balearic Islands during your shore excursions. Follow our insider tips and enjoy a very special vacation on board of your chartered catamaran or chartered motor yacht.

Planning a day trip with your loved ones, best friends, colleagues or customers? Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for day trips on catamarans or motor yachts, with and without skipper.

You don’t want to steer the boat by yourself? No problem, our catamarans and motor yachts can be booked with and without crew. Our travel experts will also be happy to customize your individual travel route or adapt one of our tour suggestions to suit your wishes and ideas.

Mallorca, Ibiza & Formentera

The indescribable beauty and diversity of Mallorca is well-known. However, when combined with the beauty of the neighboring islands of Ibiza and Formentera, you’ll discover that such a yachting experience is hard to beat.

Day Charter Mallorca

„Set sails“ and off we go to an unforgettable day on sea. No matter if just a relaxed family trip, an extravagant bachelor party, or just cool off and chill out. Take course for a yacht trip in a class of its own! Make your Mallorca holiday even more special and anchor in paradise!

Mallorca & Menorca

For one week, sail on your private yacht along Mallorca’s Caribbean-looking beaches, drift through the streets of Menorca’s enchanting towns, enjoy Mediterranean culinary highlights in beautiful coves, swim in crystal clear turquoise waters or just relax on board with a good glass of wine.

Around Mallorca

For one week, sail on your private yacht along Mallorca’s Caribbean-looking beaches, drift through the streets of Menorca’s enchanting towns, enjoy Mediterranean culinary highlights in beautiful coves, swim in crystal clear turquoise waters or just relax on board with a good glass of wine.

Private Concierge Service

Yacht Charter Mallorca – Let your vacation begin right now! Our ambition is that you can relax already before your trip starts. We help you not only to select and book your luxury yacht, but also manage and maintain your very own individual and private lifestyle during your private cruise. At the same time, our Private Concierge program offers you the key to unrestricted comfort, convenience and great experiences, and that individually, personal and of course, completely private.

Imagine you are sailing with your impressive luxury yacht along the beautiful coast of Formentera… the smell of freshly grilled fish, the exclusive beach club on the white sandy beach, where they will also take care of the little ones……. Holiday Dreams will come true. As an exclusive Dolphin Boats client you are just a click away from all information, tips and reservations.

You are planning a very unique incentive, your company event in Mallorca should be something very special. Charter for your special event a motor yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran with Dolphin Boats and make this experience something unique! Offer your top people an unforgettable Mediterranean yacht event at the Balearic Islands!

Welcome to a world of extraordinary ideas, memorable experiences, and many benefits. Learn more about the exclusive service and the benefits of our Private Concierge Service as part of your private Dolphin Boats charter.

Discover the Balearics (F.A.Q)

What type of yacht charter am I?

The sailor loves the freedom and tranquility on the water and is looking for adventure and the active game with the wind and the waves. Luxury on board is not important to the sailor, it rather is, to be able to withdraw from the world without missing anything. To be in harmony with the nature, enjoying the vastness of the sea, the distant views and at the same time discovering new places and new cultures, in an environmentally conscious way and without much noise.

For every sailor there is the ideal sailboat among the different types of sailboats, the two most popular boat types for a charter are monohull (single hull) and catamaran (two hull). Particularly popular for a vacation at the sea are Catamarans. They offer a lot of comfort and space, indoors as well as a deck, and are generally more stable in the water as monohull sailboats. Due to the spacious common area and the bright lounge inside, the large storage space and the extended deck space, catamarans are particularly suitable for groups of friends and families with children.

Find a large selection of sailing boats and catamarans in our Dolphin Boots yacht charter portal, as bareboat charter or with a private skipper and / or crew.

The ones who prefers a motor yacht love the luxury and comfort on board of a yacht, paired with the frenzy of speed and power of the engines. Motor yachts are floating luxury apartments that offer every comfort you can imagine, coupled with the flexibility to get within a few hours from one port to another, without being dependent on wind and weather.

In our Dolphin Boots yacht charter portal you will find a large selection of luxury yachts from a length of 5 up to 30 meters, as bareboat charter or as well with a private skipper and / or crew.

How do I check availability and receive a specific offer?

There are two ways to find out all about the availability and prices for the from you requested booking period. One option is, to check the current availability for all yachts in your desired travel area directly via our Dolphin Boots Yacht Charter portal, here you immediately receive the current offers and prices. Many of our yachts can be booked directly online, very simple and uncomplicated.

As a second option, we will be happy to create together with you your own, individual yacht charter, based on your wishes and preferences, wether on a motor yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran, in the area of your choice. No matter if you are interested in a day charter, a charter for several days or a week charter. We will help you to find the perfect yacht for your ultimate luxury vacation.

What is included in the charter price and what extras do I have to expect?

Depending on the provider and yacht, there are some differences and things to consider. Like on some yachts for example towels and bed linen, final cleaning and insurance, as well as the mooring fee in the home port is often already included in the charter price. Depending on the yacht and yacht size, the personal skipper or even a crew of several people who take care of your well-being are also included in the charter price.

For motor yachts, but also for some sailing boats and catamarans, you have to expect additional fuel costs, most providers either charge flat rates per nautical mile or based on consumption. Feel free to contact us for more information about fuel costs for yacht charter.

Entrance fees & Docking fees:
Entrance fees to national parks such as in Mallorca for the Archipiélago de Cabrera National Park and mooring fees in other ports are not included in the price and have to be paid extra.

Food and drinks:
Food and drinks for you and your guests and perhaps for your personal skipper and / or crew are not included in the charter price. Depending on the provider and yacht, you’ve got the option of doing the shopping for the charter period by yourself, or you treat yourself with a personalised shopping service; this way the charter company will purchase food and drinks according to your wishes.

At our Dolphin Boots yacht charter portal we advise you in a very clear and transparent way about all costs for your yacht charter and we inform you in the most competent way, so that you can enjoy your yacht vacation without any unpleasant surprises.

Do I need a boat license to charter a yacht?

You don’t need a boat license to spend your vacation on a yacht. At Dolphin Boats you can book motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans in different sailing destinations with your own, personal skipper. These professionally trained captains with a lot of experience and the necessary licenses and insurances will safely steer your charter yacht for you and show you the beauties of your sailing area; and your private skipper for sure will pass you one or the other insider tip.

If you already have some boating experience or maybe even have a boating license, it might be recommendable to start during the first few days with a training by an experienced skipper, to get to know your booked yacht and as well to get to know the specifics of your sailing area in better way.

What is a day charter?

Some charter areas offer the possibility to charter yachts for one or more days. This is particularly useful if you like to celebrate a special event in a very special way, or if you just have a few days or a long weekend available for your yacht charter. Particularly popular for day charters is the Island Mallorca. Over here you will find a large number of yachts, as well for day charter.

A day charter usually lasts 8 hours. Day charters are available as a bareboat charter, as well as charter with a personal skipper, and the start and end ports are the same. Especially during high season, online booking for day charter very often is not possible, so please contact us for the current availability and your personalised day charter offer on a motor yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran.

What clothes do I need on a yacht?

The most important utensil come first, don’t forget your sunscreen. During your yacht vacation you are exposed to the sun twice. On one side from above and on the other side by the reflection of the sun in the water. Regardless of whether on deck, during water sports or on excursions, always ensure good sun protection for yourself and your loved ones.

We also recommend the following must-haves during your yacht charter:

– Sun hat & sunglasses
– Swimwear, if necessary, bathing shoes
– Light summer clothing
– A scarf or sweater as protection against the wind
– Light shoes, sandals or flip flops

Please keep in mind that wearing shoes is not allowed on board a yacht.

Yacht charter with the whole family - are children welcome on board?

Depending on the kind of yacht , equipment, approval and size, the maximum number of guests on a charter yacht is 12 people. Children are considered a full person and are of course very welcome on board, please inform us in advance about the number of children traveling, the age and the weight. We will be happy to ensure that the required number of life jackets of the correct sizes will be on board.

What happens if the weather is bad or if my booked charter is canceled?

Our top 6 travel destinations are the guarantee for beautiful and sunny vacation days, but unfortunately we cannot influence the weather. In case that your booked yacht charter has to be cancelled due to the bad weather, we and our partners will always try to find a possible alternative date for your yacht charter, or strive together for an individual solution in the form of a possible voucher or a possible refund, always considering the individual case and the respective circumstances of the cancellation.

In case that for health or private reasons you cannot start your booked yacht charter, we would like to refer you to the terms and conditions in your charter contract and recommend a cancellation insurance.