In 7 days around Mallorca

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  • · Discover the very best of Mallorca in complete privacy on board your own yacht
  • · Customized routes allow you to choose exactly where and how long you want to go
  • · Discover the culture and tradition via your daily excursions with the insider tips we provide.
  • · Sit back and just relax, your professional crew will take complete care of you while traveling the Mediterranean
  • · Marvel at the landscape with its crystal clear waters and dramatic cliffscapes

Around Mallorca  - In 7 days around the dream Island Mallorca

The ubiquitous sunshine and the constant sea breeze make a private yachting experience around the island of Mallorca a fantastic way to discover one week Mallorca's treasures and the diversity of this Mediterranean island from the sea on your very own private cruise. The island is famous for its spectacular coastline ... Long, white, Caribbean sand beaches alternate with hidden coves, rugged cliffs, the stunning Tramuntana mountains right on the sea. The many sparkling, old-fashioned villages hidden like jewels on the coast invite you to discover the local secrets during your private yachting adventure. In a week you can sail around the entire island relaxed and at the same time get to know the heart and soul of Mallorca. Embark on a varied journey of the senses, get to know the island and its inhabitants properly!

Your yacht charter starts in Palma de Mallorca, where you will get to know the beauties and culinary delights of the capital of the island on the first evening. The next morning we leave the skyline of Palma behind us and sail east, along Mallorca's varied south coast. Caribbean-looking, white sandy beaches with turquoise waters and picturesque, small fishing villages await us. Lively tourist resorts are sought in vain in this region, small bays bordered by flat rocky plateaus stretch along the coast, olive groves with gnarled trees, wide fields and shady pine forests dominate the landscape. On the spectacular dream beach of Es Trenc we will anchor to experience the natural beauty of the place and one of the greatest sunsets in Mallorca, because this beach counts as one of the most beautiful in the whole world.

The next morning of our private cruise you have the opportunity to make a short detour to the island of Cabrera, one of the last natural paradises in the Mediterranean, before we drive along the southeast coast of Mallorca. Picturesque coastal villages and lively resorts alternate on the high-contrast coast, the south-east coast of Mallorca with its fjord-like bays, turquoise waters and countless sandy beaches is a paradise for bathing holidaymakers and a meeting point for many luxury yachts. Our destination for the day is the port of Cala D'Or or Portocolom; Both villages, as traditional fishing villages, have preserved much of their original charm and offer excellent opportunities to go out.

Along the southeast coast now joins a cozy fishing port to the next, with the mountain range of the Serra de Llevant runs in the hinterland parallel to the coastline. Cala Varques has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, attracting crystal clear, turquoise waters. Porto Cristo is also great for anchoring, just enjoy your private yachting wherever you like, and it's definitely worth making a detour to the famous dragon caves. Impressive is the skyline of Cala Millor, Cala Bona and the Costa dels Pins with its beautiful beaches and hiking trails through pine forests. Like never before we enjoy our private cruise in the protection of the coast of Cala Ratjada with its three beautiful beaches with fine white sand and turquoise sea. This pretty coastal town has preserved its history, charm and character. A very good choice for anchoring and enjoying ...

Today's destination is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Mediterranean: the north, the bay of Pollensa. We leave Cala Ratjada and sail with beautiful views of nature along the northeast coast to the beautiful Cala Mesquida, a 350m long beach, which goes into a nature reserve with pine trees and a dune landscape. Pssst! The eastern region of Mallorca is still a secret! We circle the wild Cap Ferrutx and then our chic, private cruise takes us to the Bay of Alcúdia, passing by quite original small coastal towns such as Betlem and Colonia de Sant Jordi. Lively then it goes in the places in the bay of d'Alcúdia, here expect the visitor immaculate golden sand and wonderfully clear water. After sailing around the peninsula of Alcúdia we can see the Cap Formentor, the northernmost point of Mallorca, with its impressive 384 meter high cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains. Between other luxury yachts we will spend the night in Port de Pollença.

Wild and originally, the next day of our private cruise presents the northwest coast of Mallorca. 1,400 meters high, the peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range tower into the sky, a truly fantastic natural setting with magical places such as the bay of Sa Calobra, where we will certainly take a bath and meet other luxury yachts. Families will love this place, meet new friends for a little adventure here. Day destination is Port Sóller in the northwest, a picturesque, small coastal town, known for its historic tram and its orangental. The last leg of our journey takes us along the southwest coast to the Three Finger Bay at Portals Vells or Palmanova before heading back to Palma. Private Yachting - as fun!


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Saturday Palma
From 16:00 we welcome you on board with a small champagne reception, your skipper introduces himself and the yacht. Afterwards we leave the harbor and anchor overnight in the bay in front Palma or Cala Blava and you enjoy your first evening on board with a wonderful view of Mallorca.  
Sunday Palma – Es Trenc/ Colonya de Sant Jordi
"Setting sails” in the morning according to the skipper’s instructions. We enjoy the feeling of endless space as we leave the skyline of Palma behind and sail along Mallorca's varied south coast, past the rocky coves of Cala Blava and Cala Pi, whose coastline is part of the protected marine reserve. The beach stretches for about 100 meters to the sea, this fjord-like, impressive, sheltered bay invites you to anchor, here you will find many luxury yachts.

Explore the characteristic underwater world of the Mediterranean and grab your fins and snorkels or just relax while sunbathing on board. An absolute highlight during our private cruise awaits us between Sa Rapita and Colonia de Sant Jordi, here extends for 3 kilometers the dream beach of Es Trenc, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Europe. Here, the Caribbean has actually made it to Mallorca ... There are no palm trees, but the sand is white, powdery-soft and the water glows turquoise.

The up-and-coming seaside town of Colonia de Sant Jordi was originally a fishing village and now has much more to offer than a great range of fresh fish and seafood. The resort is located almost at the southernmost tip of the island and offers a wide variety of activities for active, sports-loving tourists besides yacht charter. Here you will also get to know like-minded people very quickly, because in addition to modern luxury yachts, there are still fishermen's ships and the traditional Mallorcan Llaüts in the harbor. For those who prefer a quieter holiday, further south, from the Colonia de Sant Jordi to the Cap de Ses Salines, you will find completely untouched, exciting, idyllic bays such as Es Carbo, Es Dolc or Cala en Tugores with its calm, azure blue waters and a fascinating underwater world. Your private cruise ends today with the night on the dream beach of Es Trenc or in Colonia de Sant Jordi.
Monday Es Trenc – Cala D’Or/ Portocolom
The next morning of our private cruise you have the opportunity to make a short detour to the island of Cabrera, one of the last natural paradises in the Mediterranean. Here rocky caves alternate with a breathtaking vegetation and above all the landscape and the large plant and animal wealth will simply enchant you. If you want to be active, go ashore and go on a little sightseeing tour. A unique private yachting experience is also the visit to the blue cave, the Cova Blava, whose reflections in the water of the grotto create a true staging of light and colors in all shades of blue, with the unsurpassable Curacao Blue prevailing. 

Picturesque coastal villages and lively holiday resorts then alternate on the high-contrast coast. Another highlight is the Natural Park Cala Mondragó, a 766 hectare spectacle especially suitable for nature lovers and especially for children. The two largest bays of the Fonts de n'Ali and s'Amarador attract with white dunes, shady spots under old pines and holm oaks, dazzling turquoise sea and a rock path that runs along the water and connects the beach sections. Apart from beach castles build and chill you can make great, easy walks here. 

Depending on wind and weather, we will dock in Cala D'Or or Porto Colom, your yacht charter holiday will be matched to your wishes at any time. Our route continues along picturesque bays such as Cala Mitjana, a small bay framed by pine forests. At the Cala Marcal it is rather lively, the family friendly bay is located south of Porto Colom and offers some beach bars. The traditional fishing village of Porto Colom awaits us with its original charm. The village nestles around one of the island's largest sheltered bays, where boathouses, the lighthouse and boats blend together painterly. At the long quay sport boats are next to fishing boats. Restaurants and cafes line the embankment and offer everything from traditional Mallorcan cuisine to haute cuisine with great views.
Tuesday Cala D’Or/ Portocolom – Cala Ratjada
Today our journey continues along the east coast of Majorca. From Porto Colom, the northeast of the island extends to Colonia de Sant Pere and is one of the least known corners of Mallorca. Here you can also see more of a Majorcan Llaüt than many luxury yachts. On this side of the sun island are many small, romantic bays and a variety of well-kept small seaside resorts. The coastal landscape is extremely varied. The day's destination of our private cruise is Cala Ratjada, on the way there we sail quite relaxed past the dream beach Cala Varques. The approximately 90-meter-long bay invites you with a beautiful, white sandy beach and Caribbean-looking water for a swim. 

Impressive is the skyline of Cala Millor and Cala Bona, past the Costa dels Pins, which is located on the mountainside of the Sierra de Levant Mountains, with its beautiful beaches and hiking trails that lead to the Cap of the Pinar. Along the impressive rock face of Cap Vermell opens Sa Font de sa Cala, a family-friendly bay surrounded by low cliffs and pine trees. 

Cala Ratjada is the point where Mallorca and Menorca are particularly close. On clear days with good visibility you can see from the luxury yacht very well the island of Menorca and the city of Ciutadella. The water is a dream in Cala Ratjada, the beaches are white, with powdered fine sand. From Tamarind beach, small but beautiful, named Can Gat to the rocky bay of Sa Pedruscada, with its tiny fishermen's cottages appearing after leaving the sandy Son molar beach behind. The Cala Agulla is one of the top beaches here. If you have the choice, you're in agony, a hot Cala Ratjada night awaits you if you do not relax aboard your luxury yacht - because the nightlife in Cala Ratjada is also not to be despised.
Thursday Cala Ratjada – Port Pollensa
Today's destination is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Mediterranean: the Bay of Pollensa. We leave Cala Ratjada and arrive at the easternmost point of the island, Punta de Capdepera, a rugged peninsula characterized by many rocky coves. At its top, a 55-meter-high rock cliff carries the still-active lighthouse. In good weather even the island of Menorca can be seen. Passing by the beautiful Cala Mesquida, a 350m long beach. A dreamlike environment to anchor with the luxury yacht to enjoy the turquoise waters. 

The quiet beach section of Son Serra de Marina, surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, attracts kitesurfers. If you like it more quiet and authentic, you should set sail and Alcanada on the peninsula of Alcúdia. The beach is visited almost exclusively by Mallorcans and that only on Sundays to organize picnics here. After sailing around the peninsula of Alcúdia, we will see the spectacular view of Cape Formentor, the northernmost point of Mallorca, with its impressive 384 meter high cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains. At the entrance to the bay of Pollença, you will see the small bays, one more beautiful than the other, lining up on the rugged Formentor peninsula. We spend the night in the bay of Pollensa or in Port de Pollensa.
Wednesday Port Pollensa – Port Sóller
From the port of Port de Pollensa we set course for today's destination, the idyllic Port Sóller. The breathtaking scenery around the Cape Formentor at sunrise is indescribable when the rising of the sun on the horizon heralds a new day. With a little luck we will be accompanied by dolphins at the exit from the bay of Pollensa. The peninsula Formentor forms the northern tip of Majorca and stretches from Port de Pollençsa twenty kilometers to the Cape Formentor with its lighthouse and 360-meter-high cliffs. During your yacht charter, this day cruise is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular stages. After we have sailed around the Cape, here begins the wild north coast. 

We see almost no villages anymore, but white, ocher and golden cliffs, which rise further and further into the air. The highest, near the shore mountains of the island reach over 1,000 meters, with 1,455 meters, the Puig Mayor is the highest. Beautiful is the Cala Figuera, an indescribable natural paradise. This small, pristine bay of sand, pebbles and rocks is a blue lagoon to dream, relax, swim, snorkel. Other luxury yachts are rarely seen here, only nature in its purest form. The gorge of Sa Calobra, or Torrent de Pareis (Paradise Gorge), offers incredible views from the sea ... Perhaps this place is even the most beautiful of the whole island - here was also shot the Hollywood Film Cloud Atlas.

Port de Sóller is a small, picturesque coastal town, nestled in a hilly and mountainous landscape with wide orange groves and one of the few sheltered harbors on the northwest coast. Here, where the lovely scent of orange blossom blends with the sea breeze, you will find a perfect port of call for luxury yachts and sailboats. The harbor of Port de Sóller lures us while having a wide waterfront with cozy restaurants and cafes. Pretty fishing boats bob here in the waves. Every afternoon, the fishermen bring the catch of the day ashore, here is a good opportunity to see marine animals of all kinds up close. A particularly popular delicacy is the Sóller shrimp (gamba roja). The area around Sóller is known as Orangental. Originally cut off from the rest of the island by the massif, the oranges were made from the small port of Port de Sóller across the sea to southern France. With the commissioning of the train line Tren de Sóller, also lovingly called red lightning or orange express, the delicious vitamin donors were also accessible to the rest of the island's population. The small San Francisco-style wooden night train commutes between the harbor and the city, passing gardens full of citrus and orange groves, a great private yachting adventure for the whole family! During your yacht charter you should also be enchanted by the place Sóller. Its cobblestone narrow streets, nice local bars, friendly locals and bustling main square with lots of little cafes and dominating cathedral make Sóller a worthwhile destination for a shore excursion. In the evening, the setting sun bathes the wide bay, the beautiful sandy beach and the miles long promenade in mild light and we enjoy aboard our luxury yacht the indescribably beautiful views with a good glass of Mallorcan wine.
Friday Port Sóller – Palma
We leave the port of Sóller after a good breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice. The northwest of Mallorca impresses with its fading away to the sea high mountain landscape, from the valleys light between mountains and sea embedded carob, fig, olive and almond trees, dream bays hidden between rocks. Private yachting experiences are available for everyone on this day of your yacht charter. Dives to wrecks on the sea floor or to underwater caves, turquoise blue sea, white sand beach, beach clubs; shopping in the chic haven of Port Adriano or Puerto Portals, great beach restaurants in dream bays or just enjoy the beautiful coast of Mallorca from the sea with a good meal on board the luxury yacht. This coastline captivates with its diversity. 

In the morning we head for Cala Deià, a tiny bay next to the popular mountain village of Deià in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana. The surroundings of mountains and stone houses are majestic, the water here is turquoise blue and we see people like lizards on the rocks and cliffs to sunbathe. Green, wild and lonely, from time to time small villages glittering between rocks, and lonely bays hide behind rugged rocks. Nature at its best awaits us during our private cruise as we sail past the small port of Es Port de Canonge. Striking on this stretch of coast are the red rocks that reach into the crystal-clear water. It is Buntsandstein, which is very rare in Mallorca. As one of the most beautiful villages of the southwest coast of Majorca, Banyalbufar is known for its serenity and its numerous steep terraces on which the Malvasia grape is grown. In the tenth century, the Moors laid about 2,000 terraces on the mountain slopes, the highly developed irrigation system still works today.

Past the magnificent mountain landscape of the Sierra de Tramuntana we reach the southwestern tip of Mallorca, Sant Elm, a tiny fishing port. The special light, crystal clear, blue water in the reserve invite you to swim, snorkel and especially for diving. Along peaceful bays, breathtaking landscapes of the southwest coast we sail with our luxury yacht then to the picturesque harbor town of Port d'Andratx; Many say it is the most beautiful port in the Mediterranean - reserved luxury, chic and stylish. The place offers an interesting, bohemian mix of vacationers, celebrities and working fishermen, shopping becomes an adventure, a mix of expensive designer clothes, small shops with local produce in the back alleyways to quirky gift girls awaits us. Great restaurants and cafes invite you to linger with panoramic views over the bay, the Beach Club Gran Folies is located in a unique setting. Past Camp de Mar, Paguera, on the Costa de la Calma, Santa Ponsa we reach Port Adriano. Located in the southwest, the luxury harbor is the hub of the chicest luxury yachts, top boutiques, top dining and glamorous events and concerts all year round. Almost exemplary for a microcosm of the rich in Mallorca exudes the exclusive port of Puerto Portals its very special charm. We will stay overnight on the last evening of your yacht charter in Palma.
Saturday Palma
After a last breakfast our trips ends with the check out at 10:00 am the latest.