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Throughout the year, you have the opportunity almost every day to get a taste of the Mediterranean way of life and to visit weekly markets, to taste the locally produced fine wines on a tour by train through Mallorca's wine region, to explore the orange valley at S├│ller with the red lightning train and continuing on the historic tram to Port de Soller or join guided walking tours of Mallorca's Sierra de Tramuntana, adventure tours, village festivals, wine festivals, traditional music festivals and many other events.


Do you love the Mediterranean cuisine? The theme of food is always one of the highlights of the day in the Balearic Islands, because the Mediterranean has much to offer in culinary terms - even a simple tomato has the aroma of sun and vacation. Maybe you have caught a fish, got hold of a good local wine during a wine tasting and would like to prepare and enjoy this delicacy on board your comfortable luxury yacht. You can also take part in a private cooking class aboard your yacht or in a traditional Ibiza townhouse, or take a tapas tour through the alleys of a small village in Mallorca to enjoy the local specialties with the locals. Summer is hot in the Mediterranean, then celebrate in a bar with live music and lose yourself in the rhythms of flamenco and salsa.

The feeling on a great luxury yacht is of course an absolutely indescribably beautiful adventure. But I also want to enjoy the balance for rest, relaxation and activities on vacation. Dolphin Boats is much more than your yacht charter specialist - we are your key to indigenous life. Adrenaline enthusiasts discover underwater caves on a kayak excursion with local guides Are you looking for even more thrills? Take a hot air balloon ride over Ibiza. Discover the diversity of the islands of the Balearic Islands, whether on the water, the land or in the air! Spoil yourself in the morning with a typical breakfast on board with a breathtaking view of the beautiful beaches, coves and small fishing ports of Formentera. Start your day actively and relax in the evening on your luxury yacht with a glass of cava and delicious tapas and let the day pass by - perhaps together with your new vacation acquaintances!

With Dolphin Boats you can experience Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera in a unique way. Fantastic views, extraordinary and impressive experiences as well as breathtaking natural beauties are waiting for you! They value the best of the best - Our Private Concierge Service gives you access to the best island secrets!