9 Staycation Ideas against Wanderlust during Corona Pandemia

8 April 2020 | 

Travel the World from your Sofa

Are you now, instead of enjoying the sun on deck, lying on your sofa at home because of the Corona Virus and sinking into melancholy while looking at vacation photos and reminiscing? Do you feel an inner restlessness, longing, a kind of never ending desire? Well, then you’ve caught the wanderlust bug.What exactly is wanderlust? Wanderlust is a human desire, a longing, for many people even a need. Wanderlust describes the human longing to leave the everyday life and to explore the wide world. Wanderlust is like an insatiable urge for new discoveries, because as soon as we are immersed in a new, different culture and have explored a foreign country, we are already seeking for the next adventure on the other side of the globe. Wanderlust can’t be cured, but it can be alleviated with a few tricks.

Here are our best tips to satiate your travel cravings during this uncertain Corona Virus period, so that the forced vacation in your own home is a little bit more bearable.

1. Take your taste buds on a journey around the world

Your original plan was a yacht charter vacation in Spain? Traveling makes us happy, but good food as well. Bring the typical regional cuisine already today into your home and embark on a culinary journey, because your favorite restaurant has closed due to the Corona Virus. Cook the most delicious Spanish dishes, try to prepare a paella or tapas, because with the scent of these delicious, typical dishes, you will already have the wonderful aroma of your travel destination in your nose… Great memories will awake and you will note, that the country feels much closer. Or bake a typical Mallorcan almond cake, so when you try it at your holiday destination you have a comparison of how close your own cooking skills come to the original. So, get into the kitchen and rattle the pots and pans.

2. Indulge in travel memories

Finally time to sort the photos of your last vacation into the right files, time to free up phone memory space and to clean the computer. Thanks to the cell phone, you always have your camera with you, especially during your vacation. After the first proud presentation, many travel memories simply remain in the cell phone memory and at some point they will be deleted. Use this free time and take a look at your vacation photos of your last yacht charter. Especially when it is a cold and rainy day, you will feel the sun rising in your heart and the feelings of happiness you experience while you find the photo with the amazing island that you discovered during your yacht charter. And from the most beautiful snapshots you can make some prints for your  apartment, or maybe even a great photo book. If wanderlust catches you, just grab the book and travel in your mind.

3. Connect with other travel fans

Vacation also means meeting new people, exchanging ideas with someone who has similar experiences. You can also meet new people from home, just connect with other travelers. The latest news about your travel destination you can easily find in expat forums, Facebook groups, travel talk, news portals and above all on travel blogs. Travel blogs provide a very close and authentic view of the travel region and current insider tips. Better than any travel guide. You can even leave comments, ask questions and bloggers are generally very communicative people who like to share their insider knowledge with the world.

4. Learn a new language

During a trip you not only get to know new friends, every day you learn something new about the culture of the country, local traditions or even some words in the local language. This input is missing after the trip, but you can also try new things from home. Nothing connects us more with a country and its culture than its language. Find a language teacher, preferably a native speaker, language tandem is something fantastic. This way you will not only learn the language, but also something about the country and the people. Are you planning a yacht charter to Spain? Perhaps your language partner as well would like to start with you a salsa or flamenco dance course.

5. Work on your summer body

The Corona Virus forces us not to leave the house. I have to admit that currently my daily routine is mainly turning around food. Exercise routines should be the the order of the day so that you are bikini-ready for your next vacation by the sea. Doing sports is just posible outside? No, no, you can also get rid of calories while your doing your homework, you can find many exercises on the Internet that you can do in your own four walls. A flat stomach is a combination of proper nutrition, targeted muscle building and relaxation.

6. Turn your home into a staycation resort

Small oases in everyday life help against wanderlust. Surely you have travel souvenirs, dig them out and start designing a vacation corner in your living room. Maybe with colourful scarfs, pictures or seat cushions from Turkey, turn your bathroom into an island dream, bring exotic plants to your balcony or arrange in your kitchen a herb corner like in the Provence. If you want those feel-good vacation vibes and cannot go out of the house, just bring that relaxing resort feel to your home. Ethnic style Decorations are very popular, for example with African furniture and scarfs, as well you can try to create a setting of 1001 nights, maybe for your bedroom.

7. Netflix & Chill

Prepare the trip to your dream destination at your sofa. Video streaming sites online are full of films and documentaries about our incredible planet, wildlife, remote cultures and more. Now is a good time to plug into them to feed our wanderlust. Do you dream of a yacht charter vacation in Spain? Prepare a few tapas, a good Spanish wine and then the virtual journey can begin. Awaken memories or enjoy the anticipation of a new holiday destination.

8. Feed your holiday piggy bank

Bring a new friend home, get a hungry, pretty travel piggy bank. Invite your friends to have a wonderful dinner at home instead of going out and spending a lot of money, don’t buy the expensive Starbucks Coffee, prepare your own coffee at home, you will be surprised how much money you can safe in coffees. You can collect for example just all the silver coins to feed your travel piggy bank every night with the money left over at the end of the day. At the slaughter festival before the holiday, you will be amazed how much money you saved with little things. By the way, it is very helpful to find a pig that cannot be opened ;).

9. Plan the next trip

We have reached the last and ultimate trick against wanderlust. If our 9 tips did not help, then nothing will help. Probably the most beautiful tip against wanderlust: prepare your next vacation. Decide where to go, start with the obligatory to-do list, packing list, vaccinations, address list for postcards, the first travel purchases… Also check on a calendar, make a little cross when another day is made until the next trip. Because this creates anticipation and you will always have your holiday destination in mind. And, more importantly, we see what has already been done. It’s a a little psychological trick to feel a bit better.The dosage of each of our tips depends on the severity of your wanderlust. All tips can be easily combined with each other. We wish you a lot of fun trying it and wish all those affected a relief from wanderlust.

And if you feel like you need your next yacht charter holidays, new countries and great travel destinations, then you can satisfy your longing while exploring our homepage. Based on the many great photos of our yachts and travel destinations, it should be easy to get a first impression of your yacht charter. Give in to the addiction in small doses and discover new, interesting travel destinations around the world for your next yacht charter after the Corona crisis. Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe and healthy.

8 April 2020 |