Moors and Christians in Pollensa

26 July 2019 | 

La Patrona  – the battle between Moors and Christians in Pollensa

On 2nd of August, the ‘Mare de Déu dels Àngels’ Day is the day of Pollensa’s Patroness Saint, the major festival of the municipy par excellence. This day the villagers take to the streets to reenact the epic battle between Moors and Christians.The 7 days of fiesta during the Patrona in Pollensa are an ancient civic-religious celebration. Cannon shots, fireworks and church bell ringing mark the beginning of the festival which will carry on until the 2nd of August, day of the patron saint, “Mare de Déu dels Àngels” with an vast array of activities for all ages and tastes; one week full of games, life music, exhibitions, concerts and much more.

The highlight of the festival however is the mock battle of the Moors and Christians which takes place on the 2nd of August, the day of Pollensa´s Patron saint. It commemorates the battle between the people of Pollensa and the 1500 moors lead by the corsair Dragut, which took place on the 30th of May 1550 when Pollensa endured its most ferocious pirate attack.

The battle was won thanks to Joan Mas, who alerted the Pollensins of the danger, calling them to arms on calle Mayor, and lead the heroic counterattack against the adversaries. The mock battle was incorporated into the festivities in the mid XIX century to recreate a historical event which was very present in local memory. Thus began a wild and truly spectacular celebration. Practically the whole town takes part, the Christians dressed in white and Draguts´s moors in bright colours and face paint. The mock battle is announced at 5 am on the 2nd of August, following the night festivities, when the town´s band plays the dawn anthem, la Alborada, a moment awaited with expectation.

On the same day, the 2nd of August, at 11 am there is the customary Mass and the dance of the Cossiers. The battle of the Moors and Christians stats at 7 pm, after the ancient image of the Patron saint is carried in procession through the town. After the battle, at around 9:30 pm the christians congregate in church to give thanks for their victory and sing the Tedèum of Mossèn Miquel Tortell and the Càntic dels Goigs of Costa i Llobera. The festival ends every year with a spectacular fireworks display at midnight.

If you are on the island in the time from 26 of July until 2nd of August, don’t miss this beautiful event at the sea, head to any one of the ports or harbours in Mallorca and join the festivities together with the local people.

We wish you a great time in Mallorca!

26 July 2019 |