22nd – 29th of June – Fiestas de Sant Pedro

27 June 2019 | 

22nd – 25th of June

Festes de Sant Pere    –   Celebrations for Saint Peter

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, it really is worth to pay close attention in advance to the island’s local celebrations, festivals and events. On some occasions large festivals, which are absolutely worth a visit, are held in Mallorca. The veneration of saints plays a central role in all regions of the island. So it is not surprising that every month there are several religious holidays in honor of the most diverse saints. Because each place has its own patron saint, the holidays are being celebrated at different dates all over the island. The following festivals are really a reason to celebrate with the Mallorcans…

During the summer there are many regional festivals and performances in Mallorca, where the places worship and celebrate their saints. One of the biggest festivals is the patron saint of Sant Pere, the patron saint of fishermen.
For Sant Peter’s Day on June 29th, sea and land processions and fireworks at midnight will take place in many towns at the sea, the celebrations during one week, already starting on June 22nd. Especially nice are the Fiestas for example in Colonia de Sant Pere, Port d’Alcudia, Port d’Andratx.

Processions at sea, parades, traditional music, street parties and gastronomic events, such as the popular ‘sardinada’ (sardine fiesta), are the festive elements that usher in the Mallorcan summer. On June 29, the day of Sant Pere starts with a sea and land procession and finishes with a fireworks display at midnight.
The boats are festooned for this special occasion, and they accompany the image of the patron saint on its passage through the tranquil bay of Alcúdia. The procession in Alcúdia begins in at the church of Mare de Déu del Carme i Sant Pere, from here the saint will be carried along the streets to the harbor. The most moving moment is to bring the figure of Sant Pedro to a ‘barca de bou’, a traditional fishing boat. The correfocs, the dancing devils and a big fireworks end these spectacular celebrations.

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Foto: Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares

27 June 2019 |