20th of June – Corpus Christi in Pollença and Palma

12 June 2019 | 

Thursday, 20th of June

Corpus Christi – Celebrations in Pollença and Palma

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, it really is worth to pay close attention in advance to the island’s local holidays, festivals and events. On some occasions large festivals, which are absolutely worth a visit, are held in Mallorca. The veneration of saints plays a central role in all regions of the island. So it is not surprising that every month there are several religious holidays in honor of the most diverse saints. Because each place has its own patron saint, the holidays are being celebrated at different dates all over the island. The following festivals are really a reason to celebrate with the Mallorcans...On Corpus Christi, Pollença traditionally hosts the Procession of the Eagles and San Joan Pelós, which leads through the small, beautiful streets of the historic center of Pollença. Some assume that the eagles have to do with the medieval Pollensiner weaver guild, others lead heraldically back to the eagle of Barcelona, yet others assign them an exclusively religious significance. These are two girls in a cardboard eagle body, decorated all over with about 4 kilos of gold jewelery, which is borrowed on this occasion by the villagers. During the procession they will dance through the narrow streets of the old town of Pollença. San Joan Pelós is a young man dancing in front of the eagles, hiding his face behind a mask depicting the saint, with a lamb under one arm and the cross in the other hand.

In Palma, the procession will again be particularly magnificent. This traditional, religious fiesta is celebrated sixty days after Easter Sunday in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and has become one of the best visited celebrations of the year. The procession is preceded by the cross of “Lledania”, an ancient artwork that has not been used for almost forty years and been restored a few years ago. It is 2.40 meters high, made of wood and the top consists of a circle adorned with 1200 hardwax flowers. What can also be understood as an attribute of spring and summer. In ancient times, each parish had its own ‘Lledania’, which corresponded to the main cross of the cathedral. In front of the Cathedral of Palma and on the Town Hall Square beautiful carpets of fresh flowers are laid out on Corpus Christi Day. The Corpus Christi procession in Palma takes place on Sunday.  The Bishop of Mallorca celebrates the Holy Mass in the cathedral at 6 pm. In addition, the town hall organizes the Corpus Christi cycle on the occasion of the solemnity in the courtyards with a wide musical spectrum.

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12 June 2019 |