14 Reasons for a Sailing Holiday

20 March 2020 | 

If incomparable luxury, privacy and freedom are at the top of your holiday checklist, a sailing adventure on board an exclusive yacht charter is exactly what you are looking for. A yacht charter offers the flexibility to choose your travel route by yourself and the freedom to explore unreachable places, hidden bays and secret beaches at the highest level.

In the best sailing areas in the world we are able to design your ultimate vacation for beginners and experienced sailors. You have the opportunity to sit back and relax while your skipper takes the helm and leads you through crystal clear water to picturesque fishing villages, lively cities and idyllic dream beaches. A whole world of possibilities awaits you with seductive travel destinations such as the Balearic Islands in Spain, Croatia, Greece, the Seychelles, the Caribbean or Thailand. Regardless of whether you are looking for pristine white sandy beaches, historic harbour towns or culinary highlights, we will create a tailor-made travel route for your perfect yacht charter.

There are endless possibilities to travel the world, a yacht charter is just one of them. However, it is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and at the same time relax and find peace of mind.

We will give you 14 reasons why you should definitely try it:

1.       Discover the world from the water with a Sailing Holiday

If you decide for a yacht charter, you will discover the world from a different perspective. A sailing vacation is for those who like to discover new places and love the beauty of nature. From the water you can see places that are not accessible from the land and you have the flexibility to just stay wherever you like.

2.       The very best way of relaxation

When you are on the water, surrounded only by silence, tranquility and the warmth of the sun, you are able to relax completely. Yacht charter is therefore the ultimate form of relaxation. All worries of everyday life can be left behind, you don’t have to do anything or think about nothing. After a sailing holiday you will come back home with a suitcase full of energy.
But as well for the ones who still find it important to be socially involved during their vacation, sailing can ensure that you get in contact with new people. If you go ashore you will very son meet other people who have chosen the same adventure. This can sometimes ensure that you have nice people with the same interests around you while visiting the ports. It is therefore possible for everyone to relax in their own way.

3.       Adventure and variety without much planning

During a yacht charter you will have an experienced skipper at your side who is always well informed and of course knows the coolest hotspots. He will explain which options are available during your yacht charter or during the day, and you can decide spontaneously and freely what you like most. So you hardly have to plan and still have adventure and diversion every day. Decide spontaneously whether you simply want to look at the stars with a good glass of wine or prefer to party at the beach, bay or harbor, cook or eat, snorkel or adventure onshore… Experience a lot, without any stress.

4.       Discover a new means of transport with a Sailing Holiday

Using the wind to move around means freedom. In summer you don’t have to spend hours in traffic jams to drive to the most beautiful beach. A little wind and you’re already on the way. We guarantee that it is a magical experience to approach the coast from the sea. You actually feel privileged when you can simply anchor somewhere at the most beautiful places in the world, maybe to enjoy a cocktail with sea view in a chic beach bar in Mallorca, or just to relax in a paradisiacal, secluded bay in the Caribbean to snorkel or swim with dolphins.

5.       The most comfortable way to discover many places

What seems more attractive to you: spending your days sailing from island to island, swimming in the crystal-clear water and sunbathing on deck, or traveling from hotel to hotel, constantly repacking suitcases, dragging through the heat, taking care about rental cars, barely arrived, unpacking, packing… A yacht charter simply offers relaxation, no matter where.

6.       Absolute privacy

A yacht charter also offers the ultimate in privacy for you and your family. During the holiday season You will rarely find a place in the crowded hotels where you and your loved ones are alone and can enjoy your privacy. The beautiful beaches are also crowded.
We simply anchor where you cannot get as a hotel vacationer. Because the sea is not overcrowded and when you are sailing on your own yacht, you have the privacy to do whatever you want. You can sleep on deck, gaze at the starry sky, or have a picnic in a secluded bay. However, if you feel like enjoying the company of others, you can anchor at a breathtaking harbor and experience the local restaurants and nightlife before returning to your comfortable home on the water. A yacht charter is a completely relaxed experience and you will feel glamorous, comfortable and completely carefree every day.

7.       Rediscover nature on a Sailing Holiday

The sea, the wind, the maritime fauna and flora… Landscapes look very different from the sea, many places you sometimes don’t even see from the land and are unreachable. You also become more environmentally conscious all by yourself during a yacht charter, because you live with the nature, you automatically pay attention to electricity and water consumption and how you deal with waste.

8.       To feel like a real hero

Admit it, who has never dreamed of the adventures of Marco Polo, Corto Maltese, Odysseus, Sinbad? And why not experience these adventures yourself? Take the helm, set sail and then start the adventure! Let yourself be carried away by the feeling of being in control of the forces of nature, letting the waves and the wind take you to unreachable places. You will see that you will soon feel like a real adventurer.

9.       To play with Ailos, the god of the wind

Seafarers quickly realized that it is better to understand the elements – because you can never master them. Sometimes you let yourself be driven by the wind, sometimes you use it to do the opposite. Learning to sail means playing with water and wind. And nothing gives as much satisfaction as knowing how to use the currents and winds to set the sails correctly and glide over the waves.

10.    Sailing Holiday Honeymoon to Galesnjak Island in Croatia

Mother nature gave this island off the Croatian coast an almost perfect and completely natural heart shape. The only way toget there is by the sea! Isn’t that romantic? This island is just one of the many beautiful places around the world that can only be reached during a yacht charter.

11.      To sharpen all your senses

We cannot repeat it often enough, sailing is freedom, but also an incredible experience. Smell the iodine-rich air, taste the salty fog, listen to the waves and the wind. Watch the sea with respect or discover the beauty of a windless evening.  Feel the warm wind in your hair and on your skin. Bet you get addicted?

12.      To do sports

It’s very easy. Whether alone, with the family, with friends or with a team, in the sun or in the rain, everyone will be active. And one thing is certain: after a day of activities in the fresh air, in the evening you will fall tired, content and happy into your bed. It is also a great way to completely forget about everyday stress as sailing requires concentration and the use of all your muscles.

13.      For your self-confidence

You will not just learn to navigate, sailing also gives you a sense of initiative and determination. You need to be prepared for fear of windy days and you will quickly learn to love challenges. You have to have willpower and dare to challenge yourself, because on a boat you always reach your limits, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

14.      Simply ‘back to the roots’

Back to the roots means something like back to the origin, something that applies quite well to sailing. During a yacht charter life is simple and basic. In the morning there are no long bathroom rituals. Brush your teeth quickly, put on your bathing suit and jump into the crystal-clear water. In the evening, with a view to water consumption, a quick shower, a little after sun, take a sweater and you’re ready for dinner. Did we convince you? A yacht charter simply offers so much more than a hotel vacation. Sailing is also no longer a hobby for salty sailors or just for the elite. Vacation at sea is the new way of travelling. Ready to weigh anchor and set sail? Contact us, we look forward to hear from you! Or browse through our sailing areas, and find with us the right yacht charter for your perfect holiday destination.



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20 March 2020 |