Mallorca in autumn – 10 reasons why Mallorca is amazing in autumn

23 September 2019 | 

Mallorca in autumn – 10 reasons why sailing in Mallorca is amazing in autumn

If you spend your autumn holidays on a yacht in Mallorca, you will be surprised by an island that shows a completely different side than during the summer high season.With sunshine, a clear blue sky and mostly bath-friendly temperatures, you can sail around the island in a relaxed atmosphere with your own private yacht or catamaran. Experience the fascinating customs and traditions of the Balearic Islands during the autumn.

The Autumn is considered on the Balearic island as the golden season of the Ferias, folk markets and local town festivals and offers one of the most beautiful opportunities to get to know the real Mallorca. The island is in fiesta mood, the blue sky lures and those who are not at an autumn festival can enjoy the great weather on a luxury yacht, hiking, surfing, sailing, fishing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, cycling, endless walks, shopping, or enjoy the delicious food and the good wines with all its delicacies.

Mallorca in autumn – 10 reasons why at this time Mallorca is a travel secret

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 1 – In 2 hours back to summer.

With pleasant, sunny 25 degrees average temperatures, the Mediterranean sea even still invites you to have a swim in crystal clear water under azure sky.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 2 – The island is not as crowded

as in the summer, relaxing atmosphere at the ports and the best time of the year to discover the authentic Majorca, stroll and enjoy.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 3 – Empty beaches.

Majorcas beaches are famous, so of course we do not want to leave this unmentioned. During autumn you will find dream beaches almost deserted. Especially the kids will love to anchor here with your yacht.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 4 – Getting a table in the trendy restaurant now is easy.

Especially for gourmets a good reason to come to Majorca in autumn. It’s harvest time, let yourself be culinary tempted, la ‘cuina mallorquína’ and the strong red island wines now are at it’s best!

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 5 – It’s the time of the local fiestas and fairs.

Local products are celebrated at markets and fairs, for exemple the celebrations to end the harvest of mushrooms, almonds, pine nuts or the olive fair in Caimari. Great private yachting events for every member of the cruise!

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 6 – Best time for active holidays.

The temperatures are wonderful, finally one can be active again. Grab a backpack or a bike, a picnic from the local market and set off to discover Mallorca’s nature. And in the evening, let yourself be pampered with local products on board of your yacht.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 7 – Mallorca is back to relax.

With 16 Mio. Every year in Mallorca, it’s almost normal for everyone to be stressed during the high season. This is absolutely diferent during low season. Now everyone has enough time, as well as the waiters, who can finally pass on a few island secrets.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 8 – The golden wine.

Autumn is for the more than 70 wineries in Mallorca probably the best time of the year. The wineyards ar beautiful and green, and the grapes are at it’s best. Experience the annual grape harvest with a wine tasting and celebrate with the Mallorcans. And in the evening enjoy the wine during the sunset on your yacht or catamaran.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 9 – Magic light and sunsets.

At the latest when the sky finally is as red as the Vino Rosado in the glass, when the sun gently loses itself in the waves of the Mediterranean, at the latest then you will fall in love with the Island.

Mallorca in autumn: Reason 10 – Time of good prices.

The prices are back to normal. If you then even live like a local and eat a simple Mallorcan menú – consisting of starter, main course, dessert, wine, water and café – for about 10 €, you can stay on your yacht for two weeks, instead of one 😉
23 September 2019 |