9th of June – Apricot Festival in Porreres

5 June 2019 | 

Sunday, 09/06/2019

Fira de albercoc de Porreres – Apricot Festival in Porreres


A trip to Mallorca in June is fantastic. An excellent decision, because we can enjoy the great weather and avoid the  masses that one experiences in the summer months at the most beautiful destinations. In addition, nature is at its best and gives us dream temperatures around 27 degrees, exceptional colors and beautiful landscapes. In June, the people of Mallorca are all still very relaxed. The season still has not started properly. Everything is somehow still very calm and relaxed. The waiters are friendlier, the prices better, the drivers still casual, most of the people who are now in Mallorca, live here. And the Mallorcans love fiestas and celebrations.

Porreres is one of the most important apricot growing areas in Mallorca. The fruit is so important to the village, that every year in June there is an apricot festival, where you can eat all kind of apricots in all varieties and where you can learn for example how to dry the fruits. The dried apricots, ‘orejones’ on mallorquin, are a big seller. Meanwhile, they are also refined with chocolate and brought to market as chocolates. At the gourmet festival you can taste what the Mallorcan people love about the apricots, let yourself be seduced by a ‘coca de albaricoque’, a typical Mallorcan kind of a pie. In addition to the sale of apricots and apricot products, there as well  will be a nice supporting program.

Opening of the market in Porreres is on Sunday at 16:00. Various stands are all about this sweet fruit, which is freshly harvested as well as offered in the form of jam, compote or cake. In the evening there will be a workshop where children will learn all about splitting apricots, also an apricot challenge will be held on Saturday evening in Porreres. With the festival, which of course does not lack music and dancing, the farmers celebrate the harvest time of the apricots. A typical Mallorcan apricot variety is the so-called “Galta Vermell”. It is grown only on the island and is characterized mainly by its juicy pulp and its red color. Great event!

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We wish you a great time in Mallorca!

5 June 2019 |