Feria de Meló – The Melon Fair in Villafranca

20 August 2019 | 

Firo del Meló – Mallorca’s Melon Fair every year in September

Vilafranca de Bonany is located in the fertile region of Pla de Mallorca and well known for its production of beautiful, huge and delicious melons. The peak moment for the people of this agricultural town arrives when in September the Melon Fair is celebrated.Many tourists, although also Mallorcan from all corners of the island, are coming to Vilafranca to enjoy the celebrations of this peculiar fair, where the streets are filled with products from the garden, local specialties and typical handcraft. But the big stars are the melons, green, lush and tasty, which have made the town famous.

Not surprising that among the activities that attract the most attention to visitors, the contest for the largest melon is the highlight. The proud farmers present enormous melons of incredible sizes, which are weighed by a court. And of course there will be a competition in eating melons with a lot of spectators and participants.

If you are in Mallorca during the Melon Festival, do not hesitate to pass by and try the island’s best melons. Celebrate with the Mallorcans!

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20 August 2019 |