We will show you Mallorca from the other side - from the sea side

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Discover the Northern Balearic Islands in their entire beauty - Mallorca and Menorca are waiting for you.

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Caribbean days and magical nights on the Southern Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera are waiting for you.

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Enjoy your peaceful and luxurious holiday on the sea.

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Just sit back and relax to relish the Mediterranean atmosphere of Mallorca.

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Explore Mallorca's green pastures and its unique ambience.

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Enjoy an amazing day on a luxury motor yacht with skipper.

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Contact us for your individual tour suggestion

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Yacht Charter with and without Crew on the Balearic Islands


Discover the beauty and diversity of the Balearic Islands with one of our luxurious yachts - secluded coves, small romantic fishing harbours or the trendy beach clubs. Mediterranean lifestyle from its most beautiful side - from the water. We offer you the opportunity to experience a very special holiday.


You want to take the wheel in your own hands - no problem! With us you will find the right yacht for your charter holiday in the Balearic Islands including route suggestions prepared by our specialists.


You are a new to the world of yacht charter and would like your private captain to show you the beauty of the Balearic Islands, including insider tips? On our day trips, several days trips or tours for one week you experience Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera from another side .... from the sea.


Our professional team fulfils your individual wishes and ensures that your private yacht charter becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. As part of our exclusive private concierge service, we offer many additional services related to your stay on board.





Away from the hectic everyday life, let your soul dangle with a glass of red wine in your hand and and enjoy the view of beautiful beaches - this is the authentic feeling of a private luxury cruise. Join us in your Luxury Private Yachting experience, exactly according to your wishes, tailored to your personal preferences, to make your dream holiday come true. Dolphin Boats offers a potpourri high class private yachting experiences.
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Get to know the Balearics from another side and make new friends - our private cruises are not just about sailing, they also offer a unique opportunity to try new things and experience extraordinary adventures in a different environment and maybe even more also to meet new friends. When traveling, everyone does what he loves - and this is where you quickly find like-minded people.
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Do you remember the annual family holiday in Mallorca, where the car was loaded to the brim, the children and grandma in the middle, the dog and the cooler to the rear ...? No cell phones, no tablets, just a lot of fresh air, lots of fun, laughing together and relaxing together - a suitcase full of memories. In times when families and friends are scattered around the world, spending time together is more precious than ever.
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Yacht Charter on Mallorca - Let your vacation begin now! Our ambition is that you can relax already before your trip starts. We help you not only to select and book your luxury yacht, but also manage and maintain your very own individual and private lifestyle during your private cruise. At the same time, our Private Concierge program offers you the key to unrestricted comfort, convenience and great experiences, and that individually, personal and of course, completely private.

Imagine you are sailing with your impressiv luxury yacht along the beautiful coast of Formentera ... the smell of freshly grilled fish, the exclusive beach club on the white sandy beach, where they will also take care of the little ones....... Holiday Deams will come true. As a exclusive Dolphin Boats client you are just a click away from all information, tips and reservations.


Welcome to a world of extraordinary ideas, memorable experiences, and many benefits. Learn more about the exclusive service and the benefits of our Private Concierge Service as part of your private Dolphin Boats charter.